Penis extension

Hey all, I am looking to buy a penis extension for me and the misses, I was thinking of either of the following:


i don't want to go too extreme as we are new to this kind of thing.

ypur help will be appreciated

Ive just bought this one

I should have it tomorrow, more than happy to share my experiences.


I just had a quick look for you and the one that p&k has bought is the one that LH recommend for beginners and is very hightly reviewed - hope this helps :) xx

I've tried quite a few extenders and the best by far is called tommy gunn cyberskin by topco I've checked out LH and they don't stock it .but it is good well better than 3 extra inches

I bought the one that p&k has ordered, had it quite a while and it certainly looks impressive, the OH has to be in the mood to let me use it as it is a quite firm toy, we found that the Lidl Extra Silicone Penis Extension Sleeve was a bit easier for her, has the same length but a lot less girth and the solid extension part is far softer. Hope this helps.

If I got one, I would opt for this: but I would need to save the pennies for that one!

I can recommend the Adonis Textured 2 inch penis extender as supplied by LH @ £14.99.

It slips over your erect penis very much like a condom and provides some extra length and a bit more girth. It certainly does work. Road tested by the wife and I. I didn't think that I would be able to feel anything with it on but you can and do and I have actually cum inside it whilst making love to the wife so that was a bonus. It has nobbly bits on the outside for extra vaginal pleasure.

What's the worse that could happen? if you didn't enjoy it you can always return it.

Ok im not sure as i have never tried one but I dont trust products that say they can expand and make your penis bigger. But good luck any way.

Its a bit fiddly to put on, but once in place it feels quite secure, i think its going to take a few attempts for us to be completely happy with it.

Probably didnt help as we had both had a few drinks before hand. Not always the best times

I have ive had a couple before this and its by far the best, no chance of it coming off and is textured inside so feels great, ive often used it to masturbate. I measure just under 6 inches and with it on it looks rather large especiialy in girth and the OH was a bit apprehensive however it is very soft so squeezes easily. Highly recommended :)