Photo opportunity

If your other half seriously suggested that they would really like to film you having sex with someone else of the opposite sex, and would hire a male/female escort to do the deed, would you do it? How would you feel about the suggestion?

For us this would never happen we find all and more of what we want with each other and would not pay for sex if we did .The whole concept of paying for it in a relationship is alien to us if we were to to do it then a special friend would be the only way to go .

Mr PA wants us to introduce another male into our bed so that he kind of has a 'live porno' in front of him. However this will not be happening, certainly not anytime soon, since Mr PA has some self esteem issues to do with the size of his manhood (god knows why, it's perfect!), and I do not think it is worth the risk it might change things between us. However I don't mind him talking dirty about it during sex ;)

PA sounds like mr PA has classic symptoms of being a cuckold husband wanting another man to be with his wife and feeling his manhood is not up to standard .

Google "cuckold place " and read some of the posts to see if they remind you of him !

I don't think so, I will bear it in mind and watch out for other things he suggests, but even if he was to have a cuckold fetish I'm not sure I would be able to do it as I am monogomous.