Pimps & Hookers

This is my first thread ive started so bare with me if its a bit pants lol!

But basically im after some ideas/suggestions of outfits i could wear to a pimps and hookers fancy dress party. The party is at a swingers club so the outfits can be pretty "out there and revealing" so to speak

Im thinking along the lines of a sexy revealing dress with some fishnet or lace hold ups and heels, just really undecided on a dress baring in mind im a plus size girl so i want it to flatter my shape as well but any ideas particularly outfits on LH would be greatly appreciated! xxx

Hey Juicyass - just had a quick looksie - the link below has some good options:) x


There is also 25% of when you buy two item from

my wife is a size 20 and loves wearing micro mini skirts and sheer tops,she wears a pvc micro mini skirt mesh vest top and pvc thigh boots she is always popular at swingers parties and as lots of men and female company.