PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out my poems :) X

Hi all i've been away for a while working on my first every poetry book title "Chapters, my life through poetry" :)

i have a blog setup with all my poems which i update nearly everyday, i would like it if anyone who is interested would have a look and give me feedback by commenting on this post here.

the blog is

i hope you will take a look and any feedback is appreciated as i am still learning



Just had a read of the two poems and I must say I think there fantastic, well done.

Wow .. they are really great!! Have you thought about getting them published in some way?

I love - `For You' it brought a tear to my eye.


thanks both am doing my first book at the moment then i will be doing a second one, most the poems on the last few pages of my blog are all trye to life situations from my life :)