Plug upgrade

I have both of those plugs that you have linked to -

The Rumpy is probably my favourite anal toy, the large head provides quite the stretch / pop sensation on insertion and really rubs my prostate well. Getting the 2nd bulb in took a bit of work but is quite breathtaking when it happens. Its not a “plug” like the tear shaped ones in my view, because the neck below the 2nd bulb is quite big, the plug readily works itself out (until the bit between the head and the 2nd bulb anyway). I certainly can’t see it as a “pop it in while doing chores” plug, nor one that would stay in during vigorous sexual activity.

The LH large plug is another challenge altogether. Whilst the circumference difference between the LH plug and the 2nd bulb on the Rumpy is only 1/2 an inch, it feels much more. I have to be really warmed / loosened up to tackle the LH plug, its pretty much on the limits as to what will fit between my hip bones I think, but like the Rumpy, when you feel it completely in, its awesome. Unlike the Rumpy, this has quite a large difference between bulb and neck size, so it will stay in during activity. One of the things that gives me pause using the toy is its almost as much of a challenge to remove as it is to insert. Inserting, there is quite a “gentle” ramp up to the maximum width, when pulling out, you have to accommodate the maximum width straight away. Of course it does come out but it just gives that brief moment of “what have I done” as you feel yourself stretching to expel it.

I like the look of the size of the njoy, but the loop rather than a normal base puts me off. Does your hubby wear it for extended periods, while sitting etc, or is it just for sex play?

Hope this helped


@Senator thanks for your reply I’m leaning more towards to rumpy as it’s more for insertion play than around the house wearing.
The njoy tends to be used mainly during play rather than long term but he has worn it for a few hours before. He said the weight really tired out his arse muscles after a while. Sitting on a soft chair or sofa is ok but avoid hard chairs.