Preparing for Locktober

I know it’s only September but I’m starting to get ready for Locktober where I will be wearing my chastity cage(s) 24/7 for the whole month.

I have a number of cages now and I’m trying them out by wearing them overnight to see which is the most comfortable for long term wear.

The ones which look best are not necessarily the most comfortable, especially with night time erections. I’ll sort out the best one then practice overnight a few times before Locktober comes.


Just don’t know what to say ….

Hope you are comfortable in your cage :lovehoney_heart:

I mostly find it’s more getting the skin around where the ring will be rubbing constantly for a month ready. I don’t think I’ve gone more than 10 days before chaffing kicked in abit hard

Good luck!

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I wish I had a cage for my ex the whole year round lol it would have saved a lot of issues. But in all seriousness I’d like to hold the key for someone one day.

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Cor is it nearly that time again lol :laughing:

Any recommendations @rockstar?
I have tried the rigid plastic Dominix one and my first developed a weakness on the weld and nipped me. Lovehoney replaced it with no issues but I find for long wear it does chafe and also the pins can pop out so that is definitely only for short term use.
I now have the metal version that the chrome is degrading on leaving a stain on my shaft after wear so that is a no.
Obviously the recommendation is to be past to my Oh who takes great delight in holding the key.
It has to be rigid we did try the soft ones and they are pretty useless and allow lots of spring.

We haven’t really used his cage much this year but did Locktober last year and it was fun so I’m going to ask him if he is up for it again.

I’ve given up on plastic and silicone cages for just those reasons. I also try to use stainless rather than chrome if possible.

Thanks, I have looked at a few however it isn’t allways clear when they actually are stainless steel. It seems you have to research the reviews to see if anyone mentions it.

You’re quite right. Sometimes they claim to be stainless and when they arrive they aren’t.

Any recommendations would be great!

Most of mine, particularly the proper stainless steel variants are not from LH.
From the LH range the one I would recommend would be this one. It’s not stainless steel even though it claims to be but my first one lasted well over 2 years before the chrome started to discolour.

Unfortunately it’s out of stock at the moment but the black chromed version is available. I’ve no personal experience of the black version.

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My boyfriend has this one and also a similar silicone version of it.

How often do you go about washing?

Supervised cage removal once a day or are you able to clean around yours?

Since i use stainless steel open cages i can keep then on when i shower.

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We are not going to be seeing each other the first week of October and have talked about it so planning to leave him with his cage on, on Sunday night. We haven’t really used it at all since the start of the year for a few weeks so should be fun!

It’s a good idea to wear it on and off for a few days before Locktober starts. That way you can check for chafing or rubbing and sort it out before you go 24/7 for 31 days.

I’ve found a cage which has longitudinal bars rather than hoops and it’s very comfortable. I wasn’t sure about the aesthetics but my wife loves it so that’s all that counts.

I’m wearing it all day and every other night now so that I’ll be used to it by the time Locktober comes.