Question about eating cum

I’ve given myself self-facials since I was 14, by getting into a position on the bed with my feet against the wall and my penis pointing above at my mouth as I bring myself off. I found this out just by experiment. It’s not something I do every day, but if it comes into my mind during the day it’s something I really look forward to and start to build up from the thought. The feeling of anticipation as my orgasm approaches and I know I’m going to receive my own spunk is amazing. Of course I don’t suffer from coming and then going off it as the thing is done complete in one go. The feeling after of having really given myself a good seeing to is deeply emotional, and completing the experience by rubbing my cock in the bathroom as I see my face with spunk on in the mirror is just wonderful.


I enjoy doing that too, except in my mouth instead of a facial. Neck hurts for a few days after though :joy: would love love love for my OH to help me with this one day.

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I swallow prior and post orgasm. It’s such a turn on for me that I don’t care if if I have orgasmed prior to swallowing his cum or not. It’s just hot!

I would suggest you cum in your partner and have them immediately sit on your face. You’ll have no choice but to jump straight in there (who wouldn’t love a beautiful pussy sitting on their face?!) and taste yourself at least :heart_eyes:


I only like doing it when it’s fresh out of her pussy and warm. Mixed with her juice it’s such a turn on and she loves getting cleaned


Tintin, the feeling of wifey emptying herself as she straddles my face is just poifect

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I’m an occasional cum swallower, can never have enough of my precum​:wink: My method is to cum into my cupped hand and lap it up, but sometimes the urge passes before I have much!
Think I will have to try the shoot direct to mouth/face method…if my body will contort enough :joy:

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Often thought about this as I am the same. Sure that I read somewhere that it is a chemical release type issue. After you cum the chemicals in the body react differently and you seem to lose interest. It doesn’t affect every man in the same way and I’m hoping to find an answer that will be able to change this for me. It’s a bit like some women like one orgasm and they have had enough and others like to have more than one.
If anybody finds the answer or an idea on how to over come this please please con you share it with the rest of us.

Try ruining your orgasam. It should just dribble out, you stay hard and because its not a full orgasm you stay horny, hard and can cum again. This is the method i have to use as I lose the desire if i have a full release.

If this bits not allowed i apologise;

There’s loads of joi videos online that cover this but Hasmik JOI does one where she talks you through it.

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My OH did this to me last night and I shot on my face and some in my mouth neck a bit sore today but not to bad and I think I would love to try it again but hope to get more in my mouth because I do like the taste of my own cum


I enjoy it too, alone or together with my wife. Love it when my wife milks my cock and stimulating my prostate till eventually shooting my load over my own face and in my mouth. The position indeed isn’t the most comfortable.