Questions to ask your partner?

Me and my partner have found out a lot about each other asking questions but I was wondering if anyone had any really naughty questions I could ask him? I may have already asked ones you may suggest but that doesn't matter please tell me any that u may think of just in case. Thank you in advance xx

Have you ever had a same sex encounter?

Ohh so kind of like a game of truth? 

As we do have the truth or dare cards that may be helpful:

You could just go through the have you ever.... And would you ever.... forum threads. Lots of fun questions on them threads

The cards that Leanne mentioned are really good. I found out so much about my husband using them.

Thank you I may look into them xx

When we first got together we used to ask one another personal things about sex in between f*cking sessions, we learnt a lot about what we'd both done in the past. Helped us to know the sort of things we liked and it helped us realise neither of us were the faithful sort, which led to us deciding to swing. Would advise all couples to have these sort of discussions, but you have to be totally honest about things and not make negative comments.