I want to upgrade my rabbit what would people reccomend?

I found this rabbit to be extremely good. "Pure Vibes Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator". It doesnt have the rotating balls inside like most rabbits but it does rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise whilst there are seperate controlls for the vibe and for the clit stimulator. It has amazing power with just the clit stimulator working. Well worth giving a try!!

are rabbits really so good? i've always gone for a solid wide vibe for internal as well as a powerfull vibe for clit, i like that i can move one without the other, maybe i should get a rabbit anyways lol just cos i can? good luck Miss Hev

trollstar -- Rabbits can be pretty good for incredibly low effort orgasms, if you get the right one. I like Lovehoney's Platinum one, personally (there's a review in my profile). I quite like having two vibes that I can move independantly, too, but sometimes a Rabbit makes a nice change. The ears are AMAZING, and the rotating shaft can be quite nice once you work out how to make it work for you. They're noisy blighters, though.

thanks for the advice Miss-Momer i think it might be next on my list lol

ive got a rabbit and a bath bunny both are great but the ears on the bath bunny are so much softer there out of this world
even better in the bath

ohhh a bath bunny...do i want one? *giggle*

every girl wants one lol