Recommendations for a prostate massager

Heyo folks,

Need some advice from you guys. I'm thinking of buying a new prostate massager as I feel I'm ready to level up. I've tried the aneros Helix because I was a beginner but want more now. What would you suggest?

I was wondering also if the Helix Syn was worse the upgrade? Or how are the Bad Boys by Rocks-Off? Those at the moment are on my mind but please do suggest others which have enchanced your experiences!

Are you looking for something like the Helix?

This year, i've reviewed a few prostate massagers:

Aneros Helix Syn

L'Amorouse Rosa

Nexus Revo Stealth

Fun Factory Stronic Zwei

Rocks Off O-Boy

Black Pearl

The Rosa has hands down been my favourite prostate toy. It's pricey, but the orgasms it's given me has paid for it ten-fold.

The Nexus Revo is also pretty darn good too - the rotating shaft adds something new and intense, and again has led to some pretty powerful orgasms.

I guess it depends how far you want to advance - the Rosa and Revo are definitely for intermediate/advanced.

The Black Pearl is a beginners/intermediate toy - it's about the same size has the Aneros Helix but with powerful vibrations in the tip.

The Rocks Off toys are OK if you are not desperate for powerful vibrations - they are powered by the 80mm bullets, and ive found that the vibrations are weakened significantly when inside the massager, and they always left me wanting more.

the Stronic is definitely an advanced toy - it's extremely girthy for a prostate toy, and the thrusting action is actually lost a little bit once it's inserted.

Hey thanks for the advice. Going to have a look into thetoys you suggested.

Yeh I'm looking for an intense orgasm really. Heard about the so called 'Super-O' and I'm trying to work towards that.

I was under the assumption vibrations were not true in terms of getting a prostate orgasm, am I incorrect in thinking that?

Rocks off would be a good step up, they have the Rocks off O-boy. It would be perfect for the next step. It does look scary but i can gaurantee it is anythiung but x

Like anything, a prostate orgasm is going to be generated differently for different people. Some people can get there with just digital (finger) stimulation, others from vibrations.

When using the Rosa, for example - I use it like I would the Aneros. I insert, then clench and release... That combined with the deep, intense vibrations is an absolute winner for me.

Rocks off products now have the RO 80mm 7 speed bullet, although i wish it was a rechargable bullet, would most likely be stronger. I like Nexus for anal toys but they seem to be more for the more confident anal player.

L'Amourose lines are bloody fantastic and confident in saying this product is THE sex toy of 2014 from my pov.

LELO billy is good, from what my Mr Monkey says.

Aneros have always been good for anal play, I'm liking the look of the vice but it might be too big for the OP?