Requesting advice regarding prostate massagers

I've recently tried the Rocks Off Big Boy, it didn't fit, so I went down to the Rude Boy, which goes all the way in, but doesn't seem to do anything at all, I've tried laying on my back and wiggling it around, on my stomach, on my side with my knees up.

It's probably just my blasted anatomy, but does anyone have suggestions on positions that might work, and if not, where I should go from here? I haven't tried the Aneros range yet, and a few reviews mentioned Rocks Off products doing absolutely nothing and Aneros being amazing, perhaps I'll one of those guys.

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Yeah, I found the rude boy I had to be a total pain in the arse, literally. Couldn't get it in without it being painful and even then it didn't sit right.

I have several aneros products, and I've gotten some really nice sensations out of them. Some people are really lucky and just hit it off with them, having prostate orgasms from their first use and really hitting the ground running. Most are like me and you need to put "work" in and practice with them. A lot of people with the patience for it get absolutely amazing sensations and full body orgasms excetera.

Personally, I have very little patience (unfortunately) so really I haven't put in as much practice as i'd like. No prostate orgasms for me from anything, even if I have gotten close.

One thing I would recommend is to take a good look through the regular vibrator section as well as the prostate massager section. A lot of vibrators designed for women, like g-spot vibes ect, have just as good results on males. I have a few vibes I wouldn't be without.

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Oh, also forgot to say that using the aneros during sex or regular masturbation is fantastic. It's meant to mess about with the "rewiring" needed to focus all on your prostate and allow you to orgasm just from that, but fun is fun.

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Whilst I have gotten some nice sensations out of the 2 aneros toy's I own they never got past some slight shaking and general pleasure waves, I now use them to get me going and then switch to something else.

I decided to branch out a little and try some other styles of toy that would work for prostate too, I got :

Doc Johnson Gspot Vibe

The angle is really good on this for prostate play and the vibrations really set me off as opposed to the no vibrations allowed rules as the aneros tells you!

and The Lovehoney Gspot Rabbit

The rabbit is really just as good for guys in my opinion, especially with the gspot styled tip as it hits the prostate too!

I've posted reviews up for both the above they should be on the site soon.

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Pixieking wrote:

One thing I would recommend is to take a good look through the regular vibrator section as well as the prostate massager section. A lot of vibrators designed for women, like g-spot vibes ect, have just as good results on males. I have a few vibes I wouldn't be without.

You should however keep some things in mind when choosing a toy to use anally. make sure it has a flared base, is smooth with no obvious seams and that theres no wires ( like on eggs) that you use for insertion (as theese may come out if pulled on)

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For solo prostate fun I would suggest the Aneros range aswell.. have two and they are the business!

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tried the anreos, first time it was awesome, since then not been able to get the same sensation out of it, open to suggestions for other massagers.

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Hey - yeah the Rocks Off Rude Boy I've got hasn't been as good as my Aneros toys.

I've yet to have a full blown prostate style orgasm that is ultimately every Aneros user's dream, but with the Peridise and Aneros Helix things do feel pretty great, and I imagine they'd feel fantastic during sex.

There is also a huge wealth of information on the Aneros forums and their wiki guide on using Aneros toys, I'd suggest you have a look on those forums and webpages and ask questions there too - the guys on that forum are (I imagine) pretty fantatical and knowledgeable about prostate play!

I think there's a lot of work in getting the near mythical full body/hands free orgasms, lots of patience and relaxation seems to be required, which is generally not what guys want when they're horny and want to come!

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I think there's a good deal of patience needed for a hands free aneros/nexus orgasm but if you're willing sacrifice one hand and just use fingers to start I think things get a lot easier...

We tried for ages with various toys and found them to be hit and miss. We had slightly more luck using heavily featured strapons as they kinda hit EVERY spot on the way

BUT the best orgasms I've had have been through fingering. If you lie on your back with something like a cushion (that you don't mind getting lubey) underneath your bum/small of your back, your legs reasonably wide apart and as close to your pelvis as you can; Masturbate as you would normally until you're enjoying yourself and then start relaxing your anus with a well lubed finger. Try not to play with your cock as you first insert a finger (with a condom on it if you're worried about mess) as it tends to make you tense your pelvic floor.

I'd then suggest having a bit of an explore. You don't need to go too deep, aim for the other end of your penis and make stroking motions, circles, side to side etc. After a few minutes, take your finger(s) out and then put them back in. Likely your prostate will be a bit engorged and you can locate it with greater ease. For me I tend to like being stroked around it and across it with lots of changes of direction. Try gently stimulating your penis and seeing if anything tenses up there. If you're still having trouble then put your finger on your best guess location and make yourself cum. Again it might get engorged but likely you'll feel it pulsing in some way shape or form. Pulling your knees up right to your chest can make it easier to stimulate.

If you're lucky enough to have found it then keep going. Pressure is good but be careful not to press tooo hard or scratch with nails! The hardest thing is not rushing and finishing off with your other hand as the orgasm is very different and the slow build up can be a bit alien at first. I certainly used the words "Don't stop" on repeat for a good few minutes.

Knowing what feels like what is a big part of being able to use the aneros/nexus/rocksoff toys successfully.

Having said all of that, the rudeboy has been the worst toy I owned.

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