Sending pictures to OH

Have you ever sent a picture to you OH whilst using a toy and what toy have you been using I am trying to pluck up the corrage to send a pic of my buttplug

I do this all the time, with things ranging from me wearing a collar and clamps, to using a pussy pump or a vibe. It's fun, I like to get the reaction out of him!

When my OH went interstate for 2 weeks, she sent me a picture of her fingers inside her. This then followed with a phone sex call. I loved the pic. It was so hot.

Me and the OH send each other photos and short videos all the time.
Especially like sending a naughty picture for him to see when he first wakes up.

We regularly exchange photos and videos of each other playing with toys, it really helps as I work away sometimes.

I have done this before, but my OH isnt the most technical and forgot to delete the photo, alright until her friends scrolled through her phone and saw parts of me they hadnt before. ho-hum

Can't see me being brave enough to do that but I was with a girl once some years ago who sent me one. Then she followed it up with an oops wrong person. We weren't together for much longer after that.

I mostly send pictures of me wearing lingerie or clamps but that's usually how far I go with it.

We've sent pics of our parts but never with toys. I have bought a new toy for Xmas so that'll be one of the first things on the list of To Dos!

I've got my boyfriend a striker for Xmas. Hoping I get a cheeky picture or video of him trying it out

I've sent him naughty pictures but never while using toys. Reason being is that we currently have others living with us which is making it harder to be able to do all the fun things we want to. Pictures I send currently are just a naughty bit of nude but I would prefer sending pictures with toys involved.

Yes I do this all of the time 😊 Adds some spice 😜

For the past few years i have sent my OH naughty pix in sexy lingerie/poses etc... Just recently though (much to his delight) i sent him a video of me using my "Bad Boy" dildo... suctioned to my full length mirror... Sent him into complete overdrive... Mission accomplished lol.

He has watched it numerous times, as he's told me... Keeps the relationship fresh, plus they have that constant reminder of you and can watch it whenever they choose? Their very own private screening of you, that is solely for their pleasure... What's not to like?

In return i have an overly willing hubby - Everyone wins x

I'm always afraid if I emailed a saucy pic it would get opened somewhere inappropriate! At work would be very bad for both of us, she tends to leave her phone on the table at friends' or the pub, and otherwise we're at home. Mrs Orbit did tell me, early in our relationship, about how this somewhat random bloke she knew once sent her a picture of his erection out of the blue one day, then another text that said "oops". We both doubted it was an accident. After that I did send her one of mine because I couldn't have her one and only "dick pic" being from another bloke!

I used to all the time back in the days before we lived together...was a fun way of saying goodnight, can't see the point in it now though when he can see the real thing every night.

I like sending a cheeky pic to my OH. She likes it but often says one or more of her work friends may have seen it in passing. Which only adds to the fun in my opinioin ; ) don't seem to get any back though she says I can unwrap her when she gets in.

My OH and I do this every now and then, just kicks a little bit of excitment into it all!