Sex Tape?

Hubbys mentioned a few times about possibly making a sex tape (sometimes he jokes but other times means it). Obviously for private viewing only. Has anyone made one? Would you ever? Do you regret it etc?

Yws we have but only for us to watch.. is there anything in particular u want to know? X

Delboy1991 is there any position of the videocam you would suggest? Did you do static or handheld etc xx

We have been taking naughty photos and posting them on fetlife for a while now. It's such a turn on and huge confidence boost to get comments and likes. We have just started thinking about videos mostly for our own use but maybe some short ones for uploading. Lighting is very important low light might seem romantic but on video or photo looks abit rubbish. Obviously the best advice is to keep your faces hidden either out of shot or with a mask. Cover any tattoos or identifying marks too. Only do what you feel comfortable doing and would feel comfortable if somebody happened to see it. Most importantly have fun and experiment with angles.

We have made one just for our eyes. We had a tv on in the background and it is the most annoying part of it. We tried free hand with a camera, it is difficult to see what you are capturing at the time and can also kill the mood as you focus more on the camera and the shot you are trying for than actually enjoying each other. Still it was fun and editing it was just as much fun.