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When I started 8 years ago I mostly used the then-equivalent of the 3-for-2 Offer and wrote detailed reviews that would have worked out as costing me more than the price of the toy on minimum wage hourly. I wasn’t sure it would be worth the effort (would anyone care that much about something so cheap? When there are 100s of reviews already?) but it definitely got me rolling with them.

I’ve just realised my review from Monday starts with a ridiculous typo. Is this likely to have been corrected/ is there any way to correct this?

I waited a couple days before following up again, but I still didn’t ever get a “confirm your review” email. Thought I’d mention it once more before I find time to sit down and write it again.

Delete and repost?

No matter how many times I read through I never spot mistakes uutil they are up there

So how exactly do you become a toy tester on here? I read all the information but it was a lot to take in so it got confusing for me. If anyone can answer this for me please don’t be afraid to reply because I would love to test out some sex toys and have fun with it :blush:

All the current information on how to become a Tester is in The Great Big Review and Testing Guide :+1: Was there something in particular in there that was confusing?


All the information is in The Great Big Review and Testing Guide. If you’ve read that you should be good to go as it is long but pretty straight forward.

Basically, write reviews for purchases you’ve made, if your reviews are well written and informative to potential purchasers you will be eligible for testers so pop your vote in in the tester list and volunteer for products you’re interested in that come up in tester threads.


The simple breakdown is:

  1. Make sure you address is stored on the shopping site and that you use the same email for the forum and the shopping site.

  2. Write reviews on the products you have already bought. You need around 10 but don’t just rush 10 out. Quality is important. Make sure you use the email associated with your account when you submit the review.

  3. Start putting your name down when you see tester topics on the forum. You are more likely to receive something from the tester list first so always look out for that one, but you can still put yourself down for secret testers too.

  4. Keep writing reviews. Although 10 quality ones is better than 50 two-line ones, continuing to write reviews shows you are still interested in actually testing and reviewing, not just getting free stuff.

  5. Be patient. There will always be more volunteers than products available. That doesn’t mean you won’t ever get a chance though


Morning @Lovehoney_Brenna did my email come through to you that I sent late last night? :blush:


I sent mine in!

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Hey @Lovehoney_Brenna do you know when you will be sending a review email for my most recent item?


Just submitted a review for what i think is the best toy ive ever been sent to test or bought!

The Vive May Rabbit is out of this world and off the scale on orgasmability!

Thank you Lovehoney :blush: