sex toys to add spice to a marriage

So after 2 yrs of my poor hubby putting up with a quickie once a month if he was lucky I decided to do something to reignite the passion in our marriage.....having a 3 year old and a job working nights left my libido seriously affected!
I came across LH purchased and after browsing purchased the bad kitty bondage kit, a vibrating cock ring and the anal starter kit.
I got excited at just the thought of the bondage kit as I loved the idea of being dominated and couldn't wait to try it out and it didn't disappoint! I loved my husband tying me up and whipping me. The anal kit was a bit of a risk as 1 bad experience left me unwilling to try again but curiosity got the better of me. And after 10 years together my husband revealed anal sex is something he would love to try so we are working our way through the toys in preparation for full anal sex eventually. We have only used one toy so far but i have to say it really turned me on and added amazing sensations to what already has been the best sex I've ever had. We have the vibrating love beads on the list for another steamy session tomorrow night! Thanks to LH I can see our sex life going from strength to strength and have already placed another order for some naughty stocking fillers for the festive period!

Hey, welcome to the forums :) glad to hear finding Lovehoney has spiced up things again, enjoy x

Thanks! Already working through the website and adding things to my wishlist!!

It will become a serious addiction, wanting ur next fix... :) enjoy it :) my recommendation is if you haven't tried or own anything glass related, get some now!! U will thank me for it lol x

Welcome to the forum. Glad to see you're enjoying all that Lovehoney has to offer ;)

Thanks for the advice. I'll add something to my wish list. My husband can't believe his luck going from one a month to 3 times a week!! Discovering a whole new side of myself!

Have fun. We have a draw full of sex toys, whcih has just expanded over the years froma simple vibrator to gian Doc Johnson dildios as per my avatar. Anal sex is amazing both with me penetrating my wife and her doing me with toys and her fist. The great thing about LH is if you don't enjoy a toy you have bought you can always send it back. I've not returned many. Explore and enjoy yourselves.

My husband doesn't seem too keen on using the anal toys on him but we are having too much fun with me using them at the moment. Exploring bondage is amazing and being cuffed up with a ball gag in is such a turn on.

wOOOOHOOO!! Love reading a success story - especially one where things have reall been turned around for you!

Good work - go with the flow and do what feels right for both of you with the toys!

I've gone from one extreme to another! Feel like a horny little teenager with a 1 track mind! Sex is all I've thought about for days!!

I was exactly the same util recently could have gone for months without don't know how my poor husband put up with me ,but when we did do anything it was great and then when I turned 45 well I just can't get enough and my oh is loving it too were doing it most days now and getting a good collection of toys too