Sexy Films

Hey there, just wondering if anybody knows of any films that have a proper storyline, but happen to also have some good sex in them as well. I always find that if there is good sex it's a porn film and if their is a good storyline then the sex will usually be bad...

I just fancy something that can be enjoyed while also getting you rather horny!

Do you mean mainstream films or erotic fiilms?

I've heard Sex, Love and Other Drugs is good. It was on TV last night. It's on quite offten, I've had it recorded for months but I haven't got around to watching it yet.

I would be very grateful in opinions too :)

I have set Love and other drugs available this Friday on E4, thanks MrsMcX :D

Im sure there is another thread somewhereon here similar - but always hard to track old ones down!


9 1/2 weeks is one I like too

Absolutely has to be The Secretary so erotic

Secretary is so good! I really liked Nynphomaniac Volume I & II, it was really well made considering its sex in pretty much every scene! ^_^

If it's Lesbian films, I've heard Blue is the Warmest Colour is very, very good!