sexy lingerie for the more petite?

Ok so tomorrow is payday 😁 I'm looking to buy some sexy underwear or a wet look fetish only problem is being 5 foot and a very small build....I'm a 4 - 6 dress size is that nothing is going to look good on me. I'm in love with the Dreamgirl Playroom Pet Shiny Strapless Dress but have a feeling it's not gonna look right. Any suggestions? X

I have very similar measurements at the same height and dress size and I've found lots of lingerie on here that fits very well. I haven't tried that particular piece, but from what I've read it seems that Dreamgirl's fetish items tend to be slightly bigger than the rest of their lines. I would check out the reviews on that product and see if others have mentioned their measurements to help determine whether it will fit or not. If no luck with that dress, there's always the returns policy!

Thankyou ☺ I'll do that .....I'm in love with a lot of the fetish wear so gonna have a good luck a few items and decide which Is best from the reviews. Thanks again x

I am 5 ft 4 and Size 8 but I still think this would fit you

Im a 30F and I had to keep it as its so beautiful but it's a bit small for me! It's gorgeous IMO and comes in black or pink too!