Hi all. Thanks for reading.
My OH has agreed to fulfill a life time ambition. I have always fantasized about 2 men. He has agreed and gets quite turned on at the thought. I would like any advice on how to go about starting this fantasy as only rule I have is no one we know and preferably not local. Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated.

I myself have never entertained my fantasy with the OH ( threesome with him and another woman ) but I know that there is a site called fabswingers ( I apologise in advance if I should not advertise this site so please remove if not allowed LH) where you can set up a profile of what your looking for and people message you. Just to warn you as I am sure many on here would, make sure you chat to them prior to any meetings via Skype, phone etc first to ensure there is a connection that both you and your OH are happy with and meet on nutrual grounds. Ensure there are rules and boundaries that you and your OH agree on as you don't want to cause any upset. Communication is key. And also don't rush into anything too quick, this could take a while to find 'the ones' to involve. Good luck x

Hi, there are plenty of sex contact sites that you can get the right type of guy you are looking for that you can talk to before hand and decide if they are the right one. I would suggest before you act out on your fantasy is you have ground rules with your OH so there is no jelousy between you in the future which could end your relationship, my suggestions would be, no contact with the guy with out your other half being there and knowing and be hnest with your other half at all times. If things get difficult for either one of you then stop the 3 sums at once. Other wise enjoy yourselves and make sure it is protected sex with the stranger.

Hi hun. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. I agree with all of what you have said. There are rules and boundaries we have both discussed and it has also got to be someone we both are sure about and connect with. Xx

Thank you for the reply Vanessa. As with laces reply you are right in everything you have mentioned. We both trust one another 100% . As for the contact issue. This will certainly only be carried out between the both of us. Thank you for the reply xx

Hi, I can't offer any advice, just wanted to say welcome.

There is a thread on the forum called Threesomes lots of info or look up Tiger dicks profile he has written all about his experience .
Hopefully the link is below x

ScumptiousDumptious wrote:

There is a thread on the forum called Threesomes lots of info or look up Tiger dicks profile he has written all about his experience .
Hopefully the link is below x

My experiences begin here


Hello! You have had some great advice, unfortunately I don't even share pizza so can't add anything but welcome to the forums 😘

The website that lace21 pointed you to should be a very good starting position. My wife and I have just agreed in principle to some sharing, although we are way off doing the deed. We've both had same-sex encounters in the past in our 20s, and we're now in our 40s we're keen to do what we want, not what society thinks.

I put up a profile yesterday and already we've had local couples sending messages to say hello. The plan is to be sociable with them, get more comfortable and then take it from there.

Be warned though, single men are a scourge on swinging sites - on that site you can block messages from them. I'd advise it's a good idea.