Sinflut Vib - which one? Red or Black.


It my first time here.
Want to buy a damn brilliant vibrator - like the reviews on the Sinflut.
So which one I go for - red or black?

I had seen a pink/green one in a high street shop for €130!!
But it not here on this website.

Any advice or tips welcome.

hey Pole Dancer, i went for the red, it'll be here this weekend, they do 5 or 6 colours i think
try and dont forget to write a review of which ever one you decide to get

Hi Trollstar!

Any update on your sinflut.
Dying to know which one to buy!! lol

I have the red one; I bought it for the ribs on it, because the black one is more realistic of a cock and doesn't have them. There's an orange one, that I've only found on US websites, with lots more ribs, but I'm perfectly happy with my red one!

I did it!

Ordered the Red Sinflut.
And i get a free G-spot wand vibe.
Cool! More toys, more fun! ;)

Next on my wishlist the toybox..

get the black one so when you cum you can see it all an will make you masterbaet again and again because you so horny

Hehe I like that purple one :D


Havent been here in ages!!

Yes I got, it was quick order wed nite v late arrived omday but I missed it when it was delivered cos I thought the postman was coming to the door when actually he was leaving in his van so I missed my delvery and had to go to the post office to collect.

I love it, wow, different speeds and move, cool.

Only concern that it can get quite warm and for some strange reason it send off a glow spark when it get very warm and I hold it hard then let go and there a blue spark between my hand and vibe. It doesnt bother me there is no shock - but should I worry.
I only notice this in the dark or is my eyes playing tricks??

Only neg is that sometimes I really could with a third hand, lol!