Something new!

Hello all, so me and the OH have have been together for many years and we are into dom and sub play however we are looking for something new to try. We like bondage but just need to try something new. We use toys etc also.

well it depends on what you have already tried.

It would be easier to suggest things if we knew what you had already done.

Ok bit of bondage, spanking, dom and sub, toys. It's not that we don't have a lot of sex just wanna try something new :)

edging? anal? erm I cant think of anything else! lol

How about making your own film? Or having an erotic photoshoot?

Maybe try role play? Massage? Hot wax & ice?x


Thanks guys done some of those but will look into the other 😃

Will be trying edging sounds like loads of fun. I shall be giving that a go

My wife and I recently tried water sports. We got into 69 in shower and she pissed on my face. I found this really erotic, however I understand this isn't for everyone.