Sperm Tester Wanted

LoveHoney is looking for a couple to test a product that claims to change the taste of semen... Sounds like fun!

More info here:


I'd be up for it if I can get me man to agree! Always wondered at these flavour changer products!

You could sign up anyway and tell him it's a new vitamin pill... ;-)

yh sign me up i hate the tast of a mans semen lol :-D

Is this link still valid for the present time (June 2007) or is it just a previous article that as been dug up again ?....would love to try it just to see if I could actually do it and enjoy it !

I don't know why this thread popped up again... But seeing as it's been a year, there's no reason why it can't be done again... Hold tight!

i hate the taste of sperm
wouldnt mind trying this though
hubby loves his cock sucked

if this is gonna be tested PLEASE let me test it! OH loves bj's and ive offered to do one with flavoured stuff but dont think he's keen, maybe this will change his mind

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee'sssssssss...kunnilingus!!! Pmsl

i must say that we're (me and my fella r up 4 it, both being bi u could have an opinion from both of us.....

Me, I just love the taste of pussy, the texture, the fluids and most importantly, the smell. I would happilly eat pussy the rest of my life.

kunilingus.... i wish u wud, mine is sweeter than sugar

Am all yours.............

any time....

Link up........

Have any of the OA peeps considering putting in a private message service on this site? It would be a help for people who want to link up.

r u serious bout private message service? or just being funny, just a question not being funny myself, id luv a private service

think having legs spread being eaten for hours is a lovely way to pass the afternoon and if helping otheres out well its a must really xxx

i think the private service a good idea as it the second time that mcbirdie has mentioned this think because of u me tsn sorry again if i made any 1 uncomfortable we just chatting we have a lot in common thats all xxx

Nothing wrong with that Joanne. As usual i'm left out! you, and tsnpaisley out in the sticks...... Me upset.