spicing things up with my man, any toy suggestions?

as the title might suggest, im looking to spice things up in the bedroom. i purchased my first toy from lh last month and love it. thats fine for when im horny and my bf isnt around. but i want something that he may like and enjoy, therefore improving both our sexlives.

any suggestions on toys or anything else would be greatly appreciated.


SJ x

I would talk to him about it first, maybe sit down together and put together a little wishlist on lh. It can be really good fun to laugh at the more extreme toys together and figure out what you would be willing to try/would love to try.

Let him have a look at the boys toys too, so he knows it's not all about making things better for you.

I think fr33b1rd is spot on there, this is what me and my OH did, we sat down and had a good look through LH and it worked, we both found out exactly what we both liked and what we would and wouldnt like to try, so give it a go, now we are forever trying out different things! x

Hi honeybeelamb, have to say I agree with Fr33b1rd, talking to him is really the best thing to do (unless you know he has sneaked looks at certain toys on here!).

As im sure your aware there are as many toys to choose from as there are tastes! Creating a wishlist on here together could be a great way to learn some of each others likes/dislike. I wouldnt supprise him by chaining him to a bed and producing a buttplug for example without knowing its something he wants to try.

Having said this, if you are looking for something for him the Trcey Cox range might be a good place to start, as it has something for you, him and both of you and is as couple friendly as toys could be

http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=16558 the stroker is a popular boys toy, and you can give him a 'treat' with it every now and again, whilst the tape is a fun, easy way to experiment with tying each other up http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=16307

Good luck and have fun deciding

I think Fr33b1rd is spot on there, you don't want to surprise him with anything he may not be into but why not start by having him use your toy on yourself during foreplay and then browse the site together in the making of a wishlist making sure to look at both male and female toys?

Is that really 4 people agreeing with me....how strange!

ask him to have a look at LH and buy a surprise for you both..he can choose somethign he would be comfortable with and give you a very nice surprise at the same time.

Cheers for the replies everyone. Im going to talk to him as soon as i can get him to sit down. He's into spanking and likes to pin me down. so maybe something from the bondage section. I'll let him have a look.

Fr33b1rd wrote:

Is that really 4 people agreeing with me....how strange!

Don't worry, you'll soon get used to always being right and accompanying that will be a self belief in your Prime Ministerial abilities...

After that comes the whole "They're not listening to me, ready the death laser and prepare for world domination puny humans! MwahhhHaaaHaaaa" but we'll leave that there for now...

Fr33b1rd wrote:

Is that really 4 people agreeing with me....how strange!

Yup your wish list ideas the best!!! Will be doing the same with P when we get the kids out of our hair xxx

A little dress up and role play might be fun! If you can pull it off with confidence it should be a real winner, whatever outfit and role you take on!

It could be a very sexy surprise for him to walk in and find you in full french maid attire, bent over dusting the table!