Does anyone do this? does anyone know if you can learn how to do this as my girlfriend would really like to do it, her sister does it and says that it is good so she would like to know if she could do it,
is there a technique in how to do this
all replys greatfully recieved

i Find squirt very very hot :( Never had a gf that can do it however


read this

thank you mr studley ill give it a read lol

What a lucky girly I am!

I have an amazing boyfriend who can make me squirt (gush copiously!) within seconds of putting his fingers on the right spot!

I have intense orgasms anyway but there is NOTHING that compares to a huge gusher!!!

He works the area to build up the 'well' which we can both feel and hear (kind of squelchy!) then depending on whether it's during a quickie or a long, teasing session, I squirt obscene amounts of clear, odourless, slightly sweet but pretty much tasteless fluid. With his fingers f***ing me it hits the palm of his hand and sprays us both, shooting up to hit my breasts and even at times, into MY OWN mouth which is soooooo amazingly horny!

The downside to this is that it goes through layers of towels and sprays so much it's pretty difficult to contain, so I've had to get a waterproof cover for my poor mattress. But lets not get hung up on the mess :-)

One of the most horny things is for him to do it after having come inside me. When the dam bursts I pulse and shoot his thick, white come out of me with such ferocity it is just like watching a man shoot his load! Laying giggling and immensely satisfied with his come projected from my own pussy all over my lovely flat tummy is just one of the most awesome things to watch and experience.

Even during the most brief, snatched moments it is amazing. This weekend we stood in his bathroom stealing a crafty snog, when he reached under my skirt, pulled my knickers to one side and began to finger me intently. Despite holding back as I was desperately trying to be silent, I very quickly came...spraying come all over my hitched-up skirt and pouring down my leg to soak my shoe and form a puddle on the floor!

I rarely squirt during intercourse itself as it is the precision that makes it happen, but my 'normal' orgasms are delightfully powerful anyway :-)

Similarly I can't make myself squirt as my fingers can't quite reach the spot but of all the toys I adore using only one does the trick. The 'Rock Chick' gets me every time, working its magic with amazing precision. When I say I rock myself to sleep very regularly I mean it quite literally!

Enough now, off for a little siesta ;-)

I'm looking forward to chatting to others about this fabulous phenomenon.

Take care xx

Man thats awesome

Yup, it sure is!

Ive still not managed this, hubby sais he felt the build up lat time he gave me my gspot O. but the quirting didnt happen. however after that he entered me and I thought he had cum because I fell something whoosh inside me and it definatly wasnt him but he felt it too. was very warm a bit like when he cums in me (sorry to be so graphic but no ther way to explain it) and after I was dripping and he hadnt cum in me either,

could this have been it and me not see it because he was inside me at the time??

Could be :)

Hey sexychic,

It does jolly well sound like it!

If your 'g' or 'p' spot was stimulated enough during play then he hit it from inside too (clever thing), I'm quite that's what happened.

It would have felt like a SERIOUSLY intense orgasm followed by (as he was 'in' you at the time) a lot of liquid that is less thick than come or your own normal juices.

Welcome to the club girlfriend, now we just need Mr sexychic to keep up the good work his end!

Kisses xx

i sometimes think i can do this as when im playing on my own i sometimes leave damp patches on the bed and i get a seriously wet sensation, sorry for not been clear but not sure ow to explain it really xxx

It can be difficult to explain if it is quite subtle.

The wet patch and the sensation are dead give-aways. When this happens think about how and where you are stimulating yourself and concentrate on that area.

Practise makes perfect!