Strangest Sex Tidbits

I just remembered last night about a world sex record held by Lisa Sparxxx. Lisa managed to bed 919 guys during the 2004 Eroticon event in Warsaw, Poland. My fiance and I talked about it and thought it was interesting. So we wondered what other sex records people remembered from lore.

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Damn!! How long was the event for her to bed that many guys?!
She must have been sore :sweat_smile:

It was 7.5 hours long. They had to have a secret location for the event as they were threatened with mass arrests. She was very sore and had to have ice packs. She said it was boring and she even ordered McDonald’s at one point. In her blog she claims this event was her biggest regret and she wouldn’t do it over. She still holds the record since 2004. I watched the video and it looks like each person only had a minute or so with her. I thought how strange it was to have had thta gaol but to each their own defining moment. I agree its a really wow achievement.

Dog owners hit the sack more than cat owners, according to a detailed study of 1,500 pet owners carried out by VetPlus. Dog owners reported having sex three times a week while cat owners only had sex twice a week.
Its hard to have fun time with judgy pet eyes on you lol.

Two I had never heard of:

Bet there was an interesting story that led to this discovery:

Climacophilia (arousal at falling down stairs)

I am an avid rock hound and also love to paint rocks so this one is for me:

Lithophilia (arousal at stone and gravel)

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Lithophilia is a great one! Not so excited by the first though.

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Wowzers!! I should think she was sore and probably needed a long week to recover!!
Amazing she didn’t catch anything :face_with_peeking_eye:

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