Tech tip - using RSS

Hi there, I thought I’d share a tip with you all.

If like me you tend to dip in and out of forum and are really wanting to visit specific topics or posts from an individual without reading everything (much as I enjoy reading all your posts - they are fun - I just dont have the time) then I this might work for you?

There is a feature of the forum which allows users to create RSS feed from any topic or post on the forum. Using an app like feedly or any other RSS app you can add your Lovehoney forum favourites to your daily reading!

So for example, I might be interested in every new topic that @Lovehoney_Brenna posts on the forum, I mean come on, why wouldn’t you be? So you would:

  1. Navigate to Brenna’s profile, and click on activity, then topics, your address bar would say: Lovehoney - A place to discuss Sexual Happiness!
  2. Modify the URL by adding a .rss on the end, e.g. Lovehoney - Latest topics by @Lovehoney_Brenna
  3. Confirm you don’t get an error, you should see some text representation of the web site, this is the RSS
  4. Copy and paste the address into your RSS app, like feedly.

This trick works on nearly every page in the forum, another example would be the sex toy testers thread:

A list of RSS apps can be found here : RSS apps

Hope you find this useful.


Nice tip. :+1: I haven’t used rss feeds before, but this sound like it might be worth a tinker. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @Ian_Chimp. RSS kind of lost out to push notifications (the pop-ups from chrome/firefox/etc web browsers). But its a great tool to bring together “news” from different sources into one place.


Great tip. I still use RSS because it’s so helpful for following news in Outlook.

Another good tip is following the Lovehoney site RSS so you can keep up to date with products

That’s great, hadn’t realised there was an RSS feed for the main site. :sunglasses: