Thank you Cazz

I received a lovely email yesterday to say we have a tester product on its way to us... Wife is VERY excited ... Perfect timing for the weekend :-) thanks again Lovehoney and Cazz !!!

Ooooh lucky ,enjoy

Very lucky. Well done :)

That's lovely :)

What did you get?

Enjoy x

Have a great weekend ;) !

Have a nice weekend he he

Hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend.

Wow, I would like to just add my Thanks to Cazz and the Love Honey team. We have had a very busy week at work, but now we have one of your wonderful emails that a test product is going to be sent to us. We have some exciting testing to look forward to next week.

It's super exciting to be picked to test something :)

Enjoy xx :)

I am no longer a sex toy tester virgin. E-mail this afternoon. Item on it's way. Hope OH is feeling energetic. Got a feeling something is going to get red ;). Really brightened up my day. Thanks Cazz

That's great guys :) it's always a good day when you get an unexpected email from Cazz,

Enjoy :)

We've received an email too! Seems like Cazz is spreading a lot of love today 😊