The Collections Thread

Quite a few of us have acquired copious amounts of toys and lingerie over our Lovehoney lifetimes and have amassed some pretty impressive collections, so I thought we could use a thread to chat about them. 🙂 If you have cupboards creaking with lingerie, drawers brimming with bullets, or boxes bursting with bondage gear, then this is a safe place where you can brag about your haul and find like-minded folk who share our borderline addictive behaviour. 🙂

So, what's your weakness? Are you a lingerie lover or a toybox hoarder? How many babydolls is too many? Do you have toys you've bought but never used? How do you keep track of it all? And do you have any advice for people just starting out on their sex toy collection journey?

Our weakness is toys. 🙂 We have storage boxes overflowing with them. Like most people, we have the favourites in the bedside drawer, but even they need to be rotated out every month as we have so many good ones. Mrs Chimp prefers bullets, wands, suction toys, and glass dildos so we always have one of each of those within arm's reach. But which to choose? Tango or Desire Bullet? Or maybe the Red Hot Flickering Tongue? Mantric or Desire wand? Sona or Womanizer? Beaded or Swirly glass dildo? There are so many good combinations it really is hard to pick (though I've started to take great pride in making sure I put together a varied and exciting monthly toy basket 🙂).

We're also suckers for a gadget toy. 🙂 We have so many rabbits with added gizmos (heating, thrusting, stroking, beaded, etc). They're fun but they're simply not versatile enough for everyday. Unfortunately that means they've joined the ranks of toys that wallow at the bottom of the pile patiently waiting for their next turn in the limelight. Even when 90% of the toys in a large collection are really good there's simply not enough time to get through them all. Like steel dildos. They're fantastic, but a bit rich for a midweek quickie. 🙂 We've also got a few expensive g-spot toys, but Mrs Chimp always automatically reaches for glass. It's not that the toys are rubbish, they just can't make it to the top of the list without a little extra help, so I've started to include a Wild Card option or two to the monthly selection just to give them a helping hand. 🙂👍

So, tell us about your stash. Have you got a big one? And how do you cope with it all?


Bedside drawer: Lelo Soraya Rabbit, Tango bullet, Desire bullet, a couple of glass dildos and a Desire Weighted G-spot thingy. Things to keep to hand which we use together.

These are regularly rotated with various other bullets, glass dildos and other vibrators etc from my lingerie drawer for variety.

Then I have 3 lockable boxes which are more for solo play - a different one each week - although any bullets and massages often make their way into the bedside table too:

Mantric box: Rabbit, bullet, rabbit ears, realistic vibrator, nubby glass dildo

Desire box: Rabbit, bullet (I have 2!), g-spot vibe, steel dildo in its own box kept next to the main box.

Fifty Shades box: Rabbit, bullet, g-spot/clit toy, pebble and petal shaped massagers, steel dildo in its own box kept next to the main box.

Ive got a couple of toys stashed under the bed in the boxes they arrived in: a thrusting warming Rabbit, a starlet, and a bag of cheaper battery toys and an electric wand.

Lingerie drawer: 3 basques, 3 bodystockings, various pairs of hold ups, stockings, knickers and bra sets, a few bodies and a lacy robe, a lacy neglige and a lace stretch dress.

There are a couple of inexpensive waterproof toys and lube in the batheroom cabinet.

Lube, massage oils and candles, toy cleaner are just cluttered up on my dressing table with all the make up, perfume, jewellery and other toiletries - so, on view but not standing out.

I think thats it!

I do have a weakness for mini dress style lingerie and my partner definitely has a flogger obsession (we have over 30) but for me it will be always be sex toys. I’m more of a vibrator person than a dildo person and generally I go for clitoral stimulation.

My Doxy 3 lives plugged in next to my bed all the time. It is one I reach for a lot but I tend to go through phases as to what my go to toy is; it can be anything from the Doxy to a battery powered bullet to a Womanizer to a Volta and Stronic combo and many many more. I’ll tend to have a go to for a few weeks then switch it up. My partner will always pick a bit of a random selection when we play together.

I like variety in sex so not only do I like changing up what I use, I like toys that are a bit different. Which is also probably true because I have so many vibrating lumps of silicone I need to be able to justify new ones! 😂

If I were giving advice to someone starting out. I would say keep it simple, try and few different things and go from there. Everyone has different tastes so starting with a variety of toys can help you narrow down what you need from a toy. Oh, and don’t worry if you don’t like a toy everyone else appears to love. There is no such thing as a universally loved toy!

I do have a few things. Asa couple we had a great sexlife with bondage being a regular part of our bedroom fun. Sadly hubby is not able to have sex any more due to a medical condition, and he doesn’t like playing with me much either. I guess he feels inadequate. So these days my fun is solo.

My newest and mos5 used item is my Humphrey Sex toy pillow, and I have been enjoying using my dildos in new positions and in new satisfying ways.

To my disappointment our array of bondage gear is sitting lonely and abandoned in its box.

I have taken to wearing my sexy underwear in an everyday way, after work when showered, but hubby is not really bothered. I guess at least they are getting worn.

Wow those are some lovely collections! ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

I think mine is on the smaller end but growing. I had 2 floogers (my new one mysteriously went missing lol) so I now just have 1 flogger, a paddle (want to get another one that has heart cut-outs with studs), a rabbit vibe, g-spot vibe, 2 glass dildos (100% want more of these as I think they are quickly becoming my fav), and the desire realistic vibrating dildo (amazing new addition), and an adorable med sized butt plug (also keen on trying a larger size). Oh and of course, I have a couple bullet vibes (want a rechargeable one eventually).

Also just remembered I have a stroker and a vibrating cock ring as well, but don't use these ones too often.

I love lingerie too, but I'm not as obsessed w it as I am w sex toys. I have some but I find myself not reaching for them as often. I really want a dominatrix set though. That would be so hot.

subbaby wrote:

the desire realistic vibrating dildo (amazing new addition)

Oh - which one, please? Love the Desire range. I’ve got the purple one and have my eye on the black one. Which one and how good? ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

We have a double bed with 4 drawers in it (2 on each side). For the ones on my side, 1 drawer is filled with toys and the other with lingerie /sex gear. It's only a matter of time before I take over the others...*evil chuckle*

To help us navigate our hoard I whipped up a menu grouped roughly by toy type, and I included a little note to say what box/drawer it can be found in. It's a bit of a bugger as I keep having to add new things to it, though it has been a lot of fun so far. 🙂 My next idea (if I ever find the time or motivation) is to have a little 'auto picker' where I can press a button and it'll randomly generate a list of that night's toys, lingerie, and accessories. 👍🙂

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I've just gone through my list and it's a tad embarrassing. I might post it later...

As for storage if you don't have underbed drawers or a bedside drawer and want to keep a few special toys close, Ikea do a telly remote holder that has a few pockets that you can slip under the mattress. I keep smaller bottles of lube in mine though my favourite lube is in a large pump bottle on bedside table.

We are toy hoarders.

bedside drawer for the regulars, such as womanizer, several bullets, doxy 3 with clit attachment permanently powered on, 2 glass dildos, penis sleeve, many cock rings and remote egg toys.

Under bed restraints permanently attached to bed and ready for use at any stage.

Other toys stored in multiple clothing drawers (too many to even start to list) these come out occasionally to spice it up when time permits.

also a few sexy lingerie, but not as many as I would like her to have.

I spotted this amongst the ‘Suggested topics’ at the bottom of another, and thought I’d give it a little bump to see if anyone else wanted to join in. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well I thought I was doing ok on the toy front I have quite a few from vibrating dildo , beads , plugs and restraints but OMG I see I need to start looking at some new additions reading some of your posts :):slight_smile: :joy:

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The amount of times I’ve had to reorganise it all is unbelievable. :slightly_smiling_face:

And, no, I didn’t crack it. It’s still very much in need of another sort out. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been planning on taking a pic to post of our collection just to show har we have come from our Our First Toy I may make a list when i do it.
I also seem to be continually trying to rearrange our toy collection but never seem to quite get it right.

I have a respectable collection to organize but reading some people’s posts I think they need a play room :rofl::rofl: , now theres an idea :rofl:

I don’t have any toys.

Ohh no , u must get some I’ve got half a dozen, but have my go to favourite :crazy_face:

I’ve got lots of toys, lingerie and BDSM stuff (ropes, cuffs, spreaders, instruments for impact play, CBT etc). I also own a rather nice collection of lubricants.

However, my biggest weakness are strapon-harness-compatible dildos. I have at least 20 that can be easily accessed, plus more that are not used that often. :innocent:

Just a suggestion to @Ian_Chimp and @Lovehoney_Brenna, how about a separate photo upload thread that we can use specifically for showing new toys, old toys we have and our collections? Obviously to be approved by a moderator before just like the normal thread. Just an idea :bulb:


Ohhhh we could call it The Toy Box :heart_eyes: