The Great Big Suggestions Thread

I know what you mean. Would love to be able to pick out the negative ones. Right now, choosing Newest gives you more a mixed bag than anything.

I’m with you…i’ve written plenty of reviews and like others - I do try to provide negatives when there are negatives. It is hard tho - sometimes we might get a toy that just doesn’t do anything for us. However the packaging, quality of build etc might be really good - so while you can give a lower rating for orgasm rating etc - in my eyes the overall rating can still be high - as with anything sextoy related its subjective to who’s using it. For example - we have a load of Mantric stuff - and I wanted to complete the set and bought the g-spot vibrator for my wife - its a lovely piece of kit, feels nice in the had, easy to control etc…however anatomically it did nothing for my OH - should I have left a bad rating for it? I don’t know…I think thats perhaps why the higher percentage of ratings are positive…just my two-pence worth. On a positive - I used the “sex toy satisfaction” promise for the first time on the Matric G-spot and got our money back! Haven’t had to use it since!

I thought the pc version did have the separate categories, but I just checked and they’re bunched up into one overall star rating too.

As you all may have guessed by now, I’m a big fan of giving people all the info so they can make an informed choice about whatever it is they want to do. :slightly_smiling_face: Searchable star ratings, score breakdowns, and more detailed product specs are all things I would be very pleased to see. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What I really wish for is that you could use the ‘Back’ button to go straight back to where you were in a page of search results after clicking on an item to view the full details.

Or if that can’t be done, then at least to display the page numbers at the top as well as at the bottom of a page of search results.

As it is, if I click on an item to view its details, I can’t get back to where I was in my search without going all the way back to the beginning of page 1, then scrolling back down to the bottom of page 1 again to see the page numbers, then trying to remember which page I was on…if it’s a long list of search results, I will get fed up and go do something else after a few rounds of this.

(I’m using an iPhone X)

It would be rather useful if, on the main LH shopping page - there is a forum button right there in the drop down menu for easy and quicker access to the forum.

Instead of having to go through:
My account
Lovehoney community
Lovehoney forum


There used to be if i remember correctly. You can pin the forum to your phone so you just click on the icon and come straight here though.


There’s also a link at the bottom of every page: