The Magic Stick Vaginal Tightener

This saved my marridge been together 11 years I have found Jo on amazon and another one on here thats a cream that I will give a go theres spanish I think ones on ebay but I am really really scared to use it, if I found out who made it I could be the seller and get amazon to fulfil or even ebay as all I am seeing it is in and other sites with postage so high I bought about 4 of them and they got discontinued as they break well they will its like chalk if its not dried out properly and restored its going to crumble and crack, so if anyone even the HQ at lovehoney could tell me where they got this I would sell this either buy a huge box and sell at will or sell for the company as apparently if you want to sell thats the way to go, I have not read the amazon fulfilment book yet but I am guessing you need cash as you dont handle goods at all amazon gets it straight from warehouse hmm, even if its personal use it was so much better, I am not slack I just get to wet and the chalk helps with that I cant see cream being any different,