Thoughts on hair down there

My partner has mentioned that he'd quite like me to try out going hairless down there, but I'm in a routine of just trimming the edges to keep it neat!

I guess what I'm wondering is - how painful is it (honestly!) to remove the hair downstairs? And does it have an effect on sex?

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The first time I ever did it m, the regrowth itched but if you maintain it and keep on top of it it's fine :)

Personally I remove every bit of hair down there for personal preference. My husband isn't too bothered either way unless a bush springs out lol

Also it's painless for me, I shave x

Hey Daydreamer2017

That all depends on how you remove the hair. Personally I've never waxed (and never plan to) but shaving is a great alternative.

My partner also prefers the smooth look and feel and whilst I'm a fan of the bikini strip, I switch and swap to keep us both happy (and him on his toes!) 

I always use a newish razor (so it's nice and sharp) and use a decent shave foam or cream. I usually follow up with a post shave oil or spray too, to make sure my skin stays soft.

Look out for ingrowing hairs as this can occur.

Of course when it comes right down to it though, you should keep your pubic hair however you like it best! 

My partner has me wax her arms face, bikini area and sometimes legs. Every so often she'll let me give her a Brazilian for a few months which I think is awesome but it is very painful. The first time and everyone after hair has fully re grown is worse, I'd say the second follow up is about 70% as bad and third and subsequent are half as bad. She wouldn't have it all the time for that reason. I have gotten reasonably quick with it now and can do the whole area in about 20 minutes so the pain doesn't last a long time. I have also found a product called Numbskin, that can be applied to the sensitive bits and contains lidocaine to the area reducing pain around the labia particularly. She remains completely hairless only for a week and then have 2-3 weeks of very fine regrowth before follow up is needed. That week though is epic!

Also should have said, ingrown hairs can be a problem so need to exfoliate a lot before and after. Have tried the anti hair growth serums but not noticed much difference to be honest.

Also should have said, ingrown hairs can be a problem so need to exfoliate a lot before and after. Have tried the anti hair growth serums but not noticed much difference to be honest.

My Mrs did it once and found that she became more sensitive . Perhaps that was down to being a new feeling and possibly goes back to normal at a later stage. The constant itching she didnt like and therefore went back to being trimmed .

I use an epilator which, I'll be honest, really hurts. But you don't have to deal with the itchy regrowth and only need to exfoliate to prevent ingrowns (I use a chemical exfoliant, so I don't have this issue either).

I have shaved it all off a few times in the past but the itchy regrowth drove me mad and to keep onto top of it I was having to shave 2 or 3 times a week which frankly I couldn't be bothered to do.
There was an increase in sensitivity to start with but that seems to wear off after a while and then it feels just like normal .
My OH leaves it up to me to decide what I do with my pubic hair and these days I just trim nice and short.

Depends how you're removing the hair to determine how painful it'll be! Shaving is painless whereas waxing would be quite painful, depends on your pain threshold too!

I have had waxing down there and it is more of a shock than it is painful for me. Nowadays I shave as and when required. It does not have an effect on sex, it doesn't make it any easier etc.

I use this razor, it is the best bikini razor I have tried

I use this shaving cream and post shave oil dup to keep things soft, I highly recommend them!


If you're worried about pain but want to be thorough I recommend a hair removal cream followed by shaving :)

I shave it all off as that's what we prefer 😀 hubby loves it all smooth so guarantees lots of oral so I keep on top of it 😀

Recently started waxing down there (had my second one not so long back) and though it hurts (quick two second pain) the result after is amazing. No razor bumps, no itching, you know that pain when your hair is growing back and you run your hand (or knickers) over it against the grain? Yeah, don't get that pain too. After having my first wax I just could not believe I had put it off for so long in fear of the pain. For me personally it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would and I am a major wuss!! Definitely prefer waxing over shaving - Brazilian all the way! Don't have to worry about regrowth for a few weeks. Whereas shaving would give me a five o clock damn shadow by the evening and the itching was horrendous!!

I started a bit of trimming when I was younger and am some point just started shaving it all quite quickly after that. Now I just get all waxed of as the result is better and stays smoother for longer. It takes all of 15 minutes and is not painful the way my waxer does it.

My boyfriend says he wouldn't mind either way if I had some hair and I don't mind the look either way but I just find it much more comfortable without any hair there.

My boyfriend doesn't have any hair down there either at all and he says he likes it like that. He prefers to use hair removal cream.

Aims85 wrote:

I shave it all off as that's what we prefer 😀 hubby loves it all smooth so guarantees lots of oral so I keep on top of it 😀


I bought a permanent laser hair removal system and used it at home. It isn't totally permanent as hair can grow back due to hormonal changes etc. But I hardly ever have to shave now, I never get ingrown hairs any more and my razor blades last longer. It's painful though, and took about 9 months to complete the treatment!! But now I shave my bikini say 2 times a week, and once a week underarms. It used to be practically every day!

I shave twice a week.....I use ohs sensitive shaving gel and my own Venus razor. I rub in baby oil after every shave and have never had any problems, rashes etc. Oh shaves too so we're both lovely and smooth xx

I experience a lot of pain with hair removal. Not during the process, that's bearable as I have quite a high pain threshold. It's after the pain sets in, my skin is so freaking sensitive and I am very "moley". I just leave it, keeps me comfy and happy and my husband understands.

I have had awful experiences with hair removeal, particularly waxing, which when done by a professional several times removed whole layers of skin and made me bleed. When I have been clean shaven or waxed I find there is much more friction during sex that would give me skin problems afterwards, sore irritation and sometime it could even bleed if I didn't use enough lube.

I seem to be in the minority though, as a lot of people on the forum seem to be really happy removing all of their pubic hair.I think it all depends on how dense your hair is and how sensitive your skin is, and how quickly your body regenerates hair. I have the impossible combo of dense hair, sensitive skin and PH, and really fast regrowth.

I now have my own personal reasons for choosing not to remove my body hair.

What I did want to drop in to say is don't let anyone pressure you into removing your body hair. Do it only if its something you want to do for you. I worry a lot that people think it is expected of them, or because a sexual partner has told them to, and it can bring a lot of emotional torment trying to keep it hair free. Your body is just as beautiful however you style it. I'm saying this because I wish someone had said it to me 10 years ago.