Toy question for the guys out there....

Hi all, so me and my boyfriend don't live that close so we only see each other at weekends.

We are pretty active when we are together & we have phone sex/use webcams too but I thought it would be good to buy him a toy for his valentines present to go with the porn I have got him....

What I wana know is does any one have any suggestions? He is bi-curious and we own a strap on so anal toys are also a possibility....

Thanks in advance guys

Hiya Magenta and welcome to the forums :)

I'd say one of the Aneros products. I have the MGX myself but there's loads of others to choose from. You just need to know what's the best one for you/him!

Good luck! SG x

I'd say you can't go too far wrong with one of these:

I have the polygon and I love it, the only downside is Tenga say they are good for 50 uses, so they aren't the most durable of toys.

I'd second the Aneros suggestion - I have the Helix as well as the MGX. How about a good stroker too - Tracey Cox's selection should be good for something -

This isn't along the anal toy idea but I think it's an amazing packaged product that is great value-

It's the perfect little present and oozes quality, even for a sex toy.

Get the Tenga Heart Egg for something cheap and cheerful:

If he's curious about anal then treat him to something that vibrates:

Awesome, thanks for all you help guys-much appreciated :)

Id go with the tenga 3d , too. its awesome

Why not give him some hot photos of yourself....better than any porn. But I would advise just the pictures not the digital files.

Haha, thanks gunther, he already has plenty of them, along with videos too :)