Website broken?

Is it just me, or when you try and click on any tabs on this site except for forum, it comes up with an error? It's been like this for a few days now.

Sorry this isn't about sex guys!!

hmmmmm just tried it myself creative - nope not working, wonder what's up....

yeah im noticing this happening quite a bit, you can sometimes get to the page from a different, err, angle (can you tell I'm not a computer whizz?) by getting to it from the home page?
hope that helps

I've had major problems too - loads of tabs not working, searches crashing and problems logging in.

I reported it a few days ago. Apparently the tech guys are working on fixing things up.

Seems to be back up and running. I too have had errors etc thrown up over the past couple of days, but can't recreate them now.

Try hitting "View Members" then. Still not working :-(

I stand corrected :)

I've reported the error and it seems to be ok now.

nope it broked on me :(

It happens quite often when you search for an item too.

Glad it's not just me. I was beginning to get paranoid that I'd been kicked off or something! I just can't get anything except the forum!

Yeah, you're a naughty girl creativewriter! You're so banished...



Hey, I thought this was one of the sites where you were praised for being naughty!! Damn, I'd better tone it down then....

Nah, I was just angling to give you a spanking for being naughty...


Might as well BBG, not a lot else to do til they get it foxed !!!!

Oops, bookish moi, l mean fixed of course !!!!

Hehe I was being sarcastic anyway - toning it down is not in my nature unfortunately, which generally gets me into a lot of trouble, but not on here!! :)

And as for the spanking, what do you propose to use?