Weight loss

Suppose everyone is different! I know walking wouldn’t do it for me! I eat terribly too I’ll admit! I do 20 press ups, 20 sit ups and 20 squats every morning and various stretches! Repeat the exercises when I get home minus the stretches and maybe some weights but they’re not everyday! If I didn’t do those I’d be a blob, they keep me strong too which I need fir my work :muscle:


Admittedly I did get up to 4 hour hill walks every weekend, but the bulk of the weight had come off from reducing food intake and gentle exercise, just enough to elevate the heartrate to the fat burning zone.

Good routine you’ve got, nice and simple.


If it works for you it works :ok_hand:
I’d do more but I keep it simple purely because I struggle to get time for much else!


I’ve tried all sorts of things. I lost a lot of weight by using a high fat, low carb diet except after exercise when I needed plenty of carbs. I did a combination of HIIT and weights. The weight came off quickly and I was still eating at least 1800 to 2000 calories a day and never hungry.

As with all diets I got fed up and I started to be more relaxed with what I ate although I didn’t eat badly and kept up the exercise. I then had to stop the exercise part due to other health issues but my weight hasn’t gone back up.

I have started losing a bit again now for no apparent reason. Strangely I just stopped worrying about my weight and size and just ate what I wanted when I was hungry and listened to how I was feeling - eating badly makes me feel tired and sluggish so that encourages me not to eat too much processed foods. I also try to go for regular short walks and do a bit of gardening. I’m still a bit overweight but I’m much happier and have so much more energy.

I’d really avoid low calorie diets, you want to find a sweet spot where your calorie intake is just below what you are burning. Reduce your calorie intake very slowly until you start to lose weight and stick to that amount. If you cut down quickly to a really low amount of food, your body goes into starvation mode and learns to be more efficient at using the food it is given, that is why it is so easy to put weight back on after a diet.


Yes, we eat more high fat, low carb now and it’s worked for us. The body’s slowing down of metabolism stops the low calorie regime working after a while.

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How has everyone’s journeys gone?

I have allowed myself time and I am now ready to start to focus on a new way of eating and exercising.

I am going to a PT in April and have started to remove the utter crap I eat :laughing::woman_facepalming:t2: more veggies (not hard as I don’t eat animals!) and less sugar/hyper palatable foods.

It will be a slow burn :fire:

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Hope it goes well @Delightful87 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::muscle:That sounds like a really positive step. Having a good PT is really helpful. I’m still the same weight as before, mainly because I’m not in the right place, mentally, to try to lose weight. I’m just starting to get back into regular (ish) workouts but not worrying about diet at the moment. Exercise really helps my depression and I get a good endorphin boost afterwards.


I’ve had some success using Noom. At its most basic it’s a calorie counter but it does give you some handy psychological tips along the way. I think I’m also living proof that you can struggle to exercise your way out of a bad diet. I run, cycle and swim a lot. Riding 80-100km every weekend. It’s great for my tone and mental health (i get grumpy when I don’t exercise), but it it doesn’t really make me loose weight. The only way I have found is calorie counting to get a deficit, using my smart watch to monitor calories out. My tip is to be strong for breakfast and lunch and relax a little for dinner….

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Weight loss is so hard isn’t it?!

I know it’s my diet I need to get control of. I literally just need to stop eating junk and eat more fruit and veg!
I also need to be consistent with both exercise and food choices.

I know what I need to do. I just struggle to do it!

My issue with food isn’t really getting a balanced diet (though I could probably drink a little less) it’s more volume. I eat through habit or if I’m stressed as a comfort. I need to be able to break that.

I get that @broom! I eat rubbish food out of boredom (it’s easy to grab).
As a vegan I don’t eat horrendously but the snacking on biscuits and crisps really can’t be helping :woman_facepalming:t2:
If I can just ditch it for a while I’m sure it will help!


Hey hope you don’t mind me chipping in.

I a few years ago, before covid, lost 7 stone.
Covid, passing of my mother in law, my camming and the stress that bought saw me gain most of it back. In the mix if that I have bulimia, it’s a struggle to stay afloat.

A month ago I thought, I just can’t go on like this anymore, just stuck in a cycle. So I started a journal, I write down healthily recipes with the ingredients I need, then I plan my shopping. I buy what’s on my list to make said meals, and then I batch cook.
I’ve lost nearly a stone, in a month, plus I have a PT who is great, and I have tried to be kinder to myself, to stop calling myself horrible names, and stop punishing myself if I’m
Not 100% that day, I know the key to loosing weight is being in a calorie deficit,but most importantly be kind to yourself, don’t punish yourself if you ate a packet of crisps.

Hope this helps, sorry to jump on your post xx


I haven’t dramatically changed my diet or anything but I’m just making more conscious choices

Hubby also bought me some kettlebells, who says romance is dead?!

Looking forward to starting a small work out on Monday.

I will be incorporating yoga alongside the workouts for that flexibility and stamina.


I lost 10kg in 2018 due to anxiety and then I gained 10kg after taking a birth control injection.
Despite the anxiety, I was way happier with my body in 2018 than the years that followed.
I couldn’t shift it, and then a year and a half ago I went vegetarian and that really helped give me energy to move and make me feel lighter. I’ve lost 5kg just by stopping the meat consumption, no other changes.
I still go through phases of being physically unable to eat much so my weight then drops drastically but I gain it back once I can eat again. Do not recommend. Terrible for your health!
My other downfall is that even though I claim to be plant based, I eat absolute rubbish. I am fully addicted to sugar and carbs.
So now I’ve planted my own vegetable garden and I’m hoping to eventually grow most of my own food or trade what I have in surplus for things I can’t grow like rice and flour and ban terrible foods from my house and my brain.
Plus, exercising more. Maybe even sexercising more :wink: