What’s everyone’s occupation

I had a sex blog for a good few years (until the platform died), and I’m working towards getting some new hosting. So my tips are this:

  • Choose your hosting carefully. Make sure wherever it is hosted will let you say what you want to say. (Really important if you are going to sex blog. Much easier if you are doing a gaming blog for example).

  • Make sure you keep backups of your blog, and separate copies of the text in easy to access formats, in case it all goes wrong. My blog disappeared without warning, but I have all the posts and all the comments, so I can reinstate them elsewhere.

  • Set yourself a word target for blog posts. Mine was 1200-1300 words per post. I was told by a successful blogger that was a good number - big enough you can have long form posts, but short enough to be readable. The side effect of this was that it made me be much less verbose and produce tighter posts (and they were all the better for the removal of waffle). Sometimes I had “Part One” and “Part Two” posts, released on different days, which had the effect of being a tease/cliffhanger and got people coming back.

  • Write you posts well in advance, and keep a stash for regular release, rather than just posting them when you have finished them (unless they are time critical of course). Helps you to even out the flow if you dry up.

  • The editing is very important. Firstly, just write it freehand. See how long it is, and decide if it will be 1 or 2 (or 3 etc) posts. Then read and reread it. Make sure it is clear and unambiguous. Make sure you cut out waffle. Make sure it is interesting. I usually find about 6 edits (on different days) is enough to make a good quality post. Some posts I’ve struggled with have as many as 20 (and sometimes include a change of direction, or a widening or narrowing of scope to make them better). When you think it is done, leave it until you need a post, then give it a quick scan and post.

Good luck with your blogging!

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