What to try next?

Hey everyone, looking for a new toy / device to try next for female OH.

We have a rabbit which is the favourite toy in the box - it was just a LH basic range one however.

We have a wand which surprisingly isn’t used to often as OH not majorly keen on it and we have a couple of your ‘standard’ vibrators.

Any recommendations?

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Hi. Could throw a whole load of suggestions out there, but they might be a bit better recommendations if you can give us a tad more info.
What vibes do you already have, what kind of stimulation is she into?
What was it she didn’t like about the wand (eg. Too strong, too buzzy).

Dont want to, for example, recommend glass dildos if she hates firm toys and needs clit stimulation to orgasm :woman_shrugging: we are all different after all

Hmmm, there’s a load depending on your play time, teasing - knicker vibs, love egg for outdoor / indoor play. Glass dildo for hot / cold play… Anal toys for either…

The list is long, why not snuggle up with the OH and pruse the site together and see which one / ones you fancy

I think double stimulation is key and glass or life like is a turn off. My initial thought is a high end rabbit or something along them lines.

Sometimes there’s just too much choice - a bit like Netflix, you end up browsing for ages and can’t decide!

How about a clit suction toy like the Womanizers? My OH loves hers…

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If she needs dual stim, mixing two toys together is often more versatile than just a rabbit. Getting a good bullet vibe is usually a good suggestion (unless she likes more broad stimulation, then go pebble vibe. Mantric do a good pebble. I am also inlove with the dame pom, but its not cheap sadly).

Mantric and desire are both really good ranges, and get recommended alot. Theres alot of different things in them, bit they tend to both have rumbly vibes. The mantric and desire bullets are both really nice rumbly ones i own and use regularly.
This vibe also gets lots of recommends and is a good g spotter.

The Greedy girl rabbit is also incredibly popular for a reason. The g spot stroking rabbit it really popular too (the happy rabbit version is apparently the same thing)
I also have the desire rabbit which is a good option if you dont want a g spotter. Mantric also do a nice (if petite) rabbit.

I also really like the A spot rabbitfrom rocks off. But its slimmer, so if she wants something filling probably go for something else (it is really good at what it does though. review here)

As @BLovesC suggested, clit suckers are also really popular (theyr pretty intense clit stim) and alot of people like mixing them with penetrating toy.

Not sure how realistic is too realistic, but these are very nice dildos. They g spot brilliantly and also dont have the odd fleshtone look that puts me off :laughing:

reading the reviews is also a good goto.
Hopefully this should give you some options . Have fun :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Some really great suggestions there, thanks! Going to take a good look before purchasing tonight :relaxed:

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I concur 100% with @Green_Eyed_Girl we have almost all her recommendations and they’re great. I’m sure you’ll find a few things that don’t work for you (we have) but it’s a lot of fun trying. My wife didn’t line wands, but loves the cordless Mantric one, loves the clot suckers and the colourful dildos she recommended is my wife’s go to dildo…and there’s nothing I like more than watching her ride It when it’s stuck to our blanket box!

If you can - write up a few reviews of your purchases and get on the testing posts - you loght get sent some fun stuff to try for free too!


Thanks! I’ll certainly check them all out.

When you say write reviews do you mean on main website or in here?

Heres the link with all the info. Its worth reading but the gist is you write reviews for stuff you own on the main site, (10+ Reviews is a good start point) then apply for testers when they put them up and they might send you toys/lingerie to review.

Oh yes. All else fails, lovehoney have a really good return policy. Basically if it doesnt work for you, you have 2 months to return it for a refund. Details are halfway down the returns page :+1:

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I’d say a clit sucker. I love mine and a must for all clitoris owners on my opinion.

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Does it have to be another toy?

My partner and I have just bought some soft bondage rope, and using it with an eye mask, the existing vibrator she has, really has taken on a a whole new dimension.

Every collection needs (in my opinion):

:heart: bullet
:heart: cock ring
:heart: mini wand or mains wand
:heart: glass or metal dildo
:heart: vibrating silicone dildo
:heart: suction dildo
:heart: restrains/hand cuffs/tape
:heart: a good lube
:heart: a rabbit of some type
:heart: kegel ball/love eggs


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