When you're having a prostate orgasm

I recently started to get more into prostate massaging and I was wondering, for those with a prostate, when you’re in those moments of the orgasm, do you keep on thrusting the toy or do you stop as soon as you orgasm. I got curious after I tired it today and while I didn’t achieve one, the thought came into my mind and I was wondering what you all would do when you’re in that moment.

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Typical use a vibrating prostrate massager, at the point of cumming, usually have it on full power and keep it there until I finish cumming.

If stroking myself at the same time, I will stop stroking myself just before I cum.

Orgasm always seems more powerful when having the prostrate massager in than simple wanking alone.


Usually carry on a little, but it’s such a powerful orgasm sometimes it’s hard to figure out what’s happening!

Hmm good question… I’ve oddly never noticed what I do in the moment before but I do know guys I’ve played with tend to shove me off once they’ve climaxed as they get all super sensitive in that area and can’t bare a continued thrusting as such :joy:

Just depends. When playing I am able to have prostate orgasms without ejaculating by either using a prostate massager, dildo or a dildo during pegging. During this time during stimulation I want whatever toy being used to be right on the prostate as the orgasms come in waves.

When I finally ejaculate it just depends. If I am doing solo play and riding a dildo at the point of finally ejaculating I find I usually have the dildo all the way in my ass while I cum. I usually have to dismount pretty quickly because of the sensitivity. If my wife is pegging me, when I ejaculate she just keeps thrusting. If I can get through the super sensitive feeling I can usually stay hard for round two.

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I jack through the orgasm and keep going for a few moments afterward. It’s pretty awesome cumming massive amounts.