Who masturbates most, you or your partner?


Mutual Masturbation is sometimes as good as sex

Only time a finger is inside my wife is mine​:face_with_raised_eyebrow: she never has done herself once, can’t understand it. She will orgasm way better discovering herself


Have you asked her to masturbate with you

Yea, dirty night in a hotel together. Wasn’t pressuring or anything, said that it’s completely normal n she will find ways of pleasure that only she can herself. Left a small bullet vibrater with her n down for a cigarette n said if you more comfortable alone try it. Still no


Maybe she’s just embarrassed of doing it in front of you
Do you masturbate for her

I didnt like masturbating in front of my hubby until fairly recently, problem the same sort of thing
He would have to do us both

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No she jus doesn’t like the idea of it, even on her own. She has caught me masterbaiting loads of times, after sex sometimes if she comes 1st n wants no more tells me to finish myself off but not like she watches

Same with my wife.

We have talked about it before and it’s me in our relationship so one for the girls! He says he’s normally about twice a week and it feels better the longer he can leave alone in between but will often have one if he has been out or been watching porn.

For me it can be every day but usually about 5 days a week and definitely more at the weekend. When my boyfriend does it he says he is done after one orgasm but I’ll usually have 2 and sometimes 3 in a session.

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