Wife premature orgasm


Looking for help and thought this is the best place!

My wife and I have great sex life always have but we now have a child so have to find time.
My wife seems to now orgasm very quickly from clitoral stimulation which is fine but once she’s done doesn’t want me to touch it anymore and it’s just like quick seconds sex after. If she doesn’t cum first we have amazing sex. How can I find a way to give her more than one orgasm?


Everyone is different, so she may not be able to have multiple clitoral orgasms. If I have a clitoral orgasm I’m done after too and there’s nothing to do other than wait.

Maybe focus on other erogenous zones for foreplay, then pay attention to her clit during sex so she can come with you/just before you do?


Thank you!
Yeah I get that I’ve given her multiple before and she loved it and always lusting after that I love to please.

Yep I will concentrate on other areas great idea!


I second what @WelshDragonette says.

Once I’ve had a Clitoral orgasm, hubby needs to stop as it’s way too sensitive to continue any longer (he still tries sometimes though) :woozy_face:

We find that it’s better to enjoy all the foreplay first, I try to get more g-spot stimulation too. Then during sex, I’ll sometimes play with my clit and when I can tell that hubby is about to cum, I can orgasm at the same time as him. That feels soooooo good!

So just give the clit little teases, touches and licks until you’re both ready for the orgasm x


It’s sounding like if y’all want the full experience then most of the clitoral stimulation needs to be saved for the end. A lot of women can’t continue after a clitoral orgasm because we get ridiculously sensitive and it gets to where it’s just down right painful. Plus teasing her throughout may give her an even better orgasm, who knows.

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I’m exactly the same. I’m a one orgasm kind of gal! We focus on lots of foreplay and edging. It results in an amazing orgasm and ensures that we can keep going for ages!

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My wife is the same. You can only hit the jackpot once / play.

She still loves for me to keep on with PIV After until I come too… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you for all the advice and this morning we had the most amazing passionate sex!

Concentrated on everywhere else and used a g spot toy to my wife’s great pleasure


Great to hear! :blush:

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Hmm maybe edging could be a thing to try with her if it’s possible to do that with a lady :wink:

Mrs Sen too becomes very sensitive after an orgasm, but there is a fine line between pleasure and pain and provided the stimulation isn’t too much, it doesn’t take long before her clit has calmed down enough for round 2. Gentle oral on the entire vulva with just the odd pass over the clitoral hood for tease usually get the balance right.

After a clitoral orgasm, my clit will be a bit too sore to keep being stimulated. Not everyone can have multiple clitoral orgasms. Whenever I climax before my husband, I’ll just try to keep it nice and tight for him to finish, but I’m done :woman_shrugging: Maybe give more attention to other areas during foreplay and save the clitoral stimulation for the end.

I :100:% agree with the things already mentioned in the thread :ok_hand:

I’m the same. Once I’ve had a clitoral orgazm, I’m. Done.

This is why blended orgasms are the best. Difficult but ZOMGZ. Especially if you have it at the same time as your guy cums.

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oooh, that warm wet feeling as you cum too