Wireless or Sired Magic Wand?

Title should read "Wireless or Wired Magic Wand".... Damn iPad :(

Hey guys :)

Long time since I've visited these forums, I hope everyone is ok :)

My girlfriend and I are away this coming weekend for a friends wedding and couldn't help ourselves in thinking that something cheeky and naughty from LoveHoney would be ideal so we can have a little "after party" of our own when we get back to the hotel room.

we've owned a Lelo Wand for some time now, and although it's powerful it still takes some time for my OH to climax and she's never seemed to reach the "mind blowing" orgasms that most people say they get from using a wand, this is where we thought that maybe what's missing is the POWER that could only be achieved from a direct to the mains wand or "wired".

I don't know if anyone has owned both a wired and wireless magic wand but is it worth investing in a wired one and does it pack more of a punch over the wireless rechargeable offerings??

Hope you guys can help :)

P.S. We are looking to purchase from the 3 for £75 section so other recommendations are more then welcome ^___^

Hi, welcome back :)

Mains powered toys are definitely the most powerful ones out there, so I'd recommend the black Lovehoney wand from the 3 for £75, shouldn't take long for her to climax from that.

Hi, I don't have a mains powered wand but I do have the swan wand. It is Rechargable, waterproof (bathroom play!) and has two separate motors that can be worked independently or together. The big bonus for me is itv can be used internally as well as on the clit.

I find having one motor on a intermittent pattern and the other on as ascending, descending pattern. I love the fact that it is waterproof and that I don't have to stay in one place when using it. It's a little expensive, but worth every penny. It is very versatile and can be used in more places and ways than a fixed wired wand. I hope this helps.

I have the mains-powered Bodywand and I do not particularly like it! Whereas the vibrations are very fast, they are also very buzzy and leave me numb (clit) or itchy (elsewhere - I did buy it as a massager). On the other hand I've read (written by somebody who said the same thing about the Bodywand) that the battery-operated (!) Vibratex Mystic Wand has very nice, rumbly vibrations.

Probably it comes down to trying out the various options for yourself...

I have both mains and wireless wands that are similar to the Lovehoney wands but from another source. They are exactly the same power wise although when the wireless one starts to run down you notice a difference. It recharges really quickly though.


I agree with NatandTom, the Black Lovehoney Wand works for us to. for not just genital play but to massage each other with some nice scented oil.