would like some help from those with more experience

Hi guys and girls, need some help if possible from those members with more experience than me. My OH and I have tried anal a few times and she likes it ok but its never really worked for me. I would like to enjoy it more and experience a real prostate orgasm.

We only have a fairly small dildo and some butt plugs and i've been looking into getting a toy specifically for men and for prostate massage but have no idea what would be best for a beginner. Do you guys have any advice and recommendations?

Also I have been interested for awhile in getting a strap-on for my OH but worried it will be a waste of money getting one before i'm sure anal really works for me, what do you guys think I should do?

It took my guy quite a while to begin enjoying anal properly. Like, months and months and 18 months later, he still hasn't has a prostate orgasm. (He has been pushed over to orgasm after getting himself close by masturbating then swapping to the anal toy, but never had one of those elusive prostate orgasms from scratch yet! I hear, like squirting for us women, its not easy and takes lots of experimenting and even then some cannot.

A lot of it is about relaxing muscles and taking it slow, using gallons of lube. I wrote a guide on my blog about anal for beginners: http://grittywoman.co.uk/anal-guide/

Also, Lovehoney have wrote a few guides for beginners:



And if it helps, there are lots of interesting threads about anal, which are packed full of peoples experiences. here is a few:





I hope you find some helpful answers here, but it really is all about taking your time, practicing, and going so slowly that you might be confused for a sloth lol. xx

thanks for the great advice fluffbags, will check them all out. Glad its not just me having the beginners trouble

My OH prefers his http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=20874 .

To be honest I find the curvature of a dildo is not particularly great for maximum effective prostate stimulation - for that you are best using a prostate massager designed for the task - would recommend http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=24600 , I have the "vanilla" one and is really good.

Fluffbags' links are really good too and will give you a LOT of background information.