Would You Rather?


Facebook or Instagram?

Insta :camera_flash: I’m not a big social media person to be honest, but Insta has some alright parts! I deleted Facebook a long time ago.

Maize crisps or regular crisps?

Agreed - I still have FB but just use it to keep track of some hobby stuff really.

Regular - just polished off some Hula hoops infact.

Chinese or Indian takeaway?

WYR Large gathering or small group

Depends on the small group… :joy: Jokes aside, if they’re close friends then small group.

WYR cheese scone or fruit scone?

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WYR to drive or be driven?

Drive! Driver picks the tunes!

WYR drive in silence or sing along to banging tunes?

Drive in science - I like tunes when I am alone, but I am not a singer!

Have the same 5 songs play in your car on repeat, or have no music at all?

Same 5 songs! Gotta have tunes!

WYR drive or be a passenger?

Drive - it can be fun, but also I like to be in control of what is going on.

Drive a fast car slow or slow car fast?

Fast car slow, i’m boringly safe!


Private car or public transport?

Private car

WYR hot or cold quiche


Dress/skirt or Trousers?

Trousers for me. Cross dressing isn’t my thing, although I admire those with enough balls to live out their fantasies. :grinning:

Winter or summer.

Fair play! :joy:

Summer - so much more to do, but winter does have its moments!

Cabin in the mountains/hills or beech place by the sea?

Beach place by the sea.

Swim in the sea or pool?

In the sea! I miss my surfing.

WYF surf or paddleboard

Theoretically surf, but in reality I have more chance not looking like a kook on a paddleboard!

WYR Only salt or only vinegar on fish and chips?

Vinegar, I don’t add salt anyway :blush:

Strawberries and cream or rhubarb and custard sweets?

Strawberry and cream!

Hard boiled or gummy sweets?