Would You Rather?


WYR realistic or non-realistic/fantasy dildo?

Non realistic/ fantasy

Vibrating or non-vibrating dildo?

Non vibrating. And realistic.


Dido or real cock in your ass

Real cock


Real cock


Cum in your mouth or cum in your ass.

Cum in my ass

Flogger or feather tickler?



Agreed, flogger!

Dildos - long or girthy?

Long dildo

Love egg or butt plug?

Oh, butt plug! Never had a love egg.



Definitely Buttplug, love the feeling of my ass being plugged.

Finger or Fist(anal or vaginal)

  1. Would you rather give or receive?

  2. Would you rather spit or swallow?

  3. Would you rather give a golden shower or receive one?

  4. Would you rather try hot wax play or blindfold play?

  5. Would you rather kiss me all day or tease me all day?

  6. Would you rather buy a new sex toy or watch a new sexy video together?

  7. Would you rather have sex in the car or field?

  8. Would you rather sex be only oral every day or nothing except for anal once a month?

9.Would you rather write me a love letter or write me an erotic note?

  1. Would you rather masturbate all day or have sex for 5 minutes?

  2. Would you rather lick every inch of my body or rub every inch with massage oil?

  3. Would you rather try something new in bed tonight or go for one of our favorites?

  4. Would you rather handcuff me or tie me to the bed?

  5. Would you rather watch porn together or make porn together?

  6. Would you rather bring in a friend for a threesome or a random person?

  7. Would you rather watch me make out with someone else or have me watch you?

  8. Would you rather go down on someone of the same sex or watch your partner go down on someone of the same sex?

  9. Would you rather try nipple clamps or choking?

  10. Would you rather give me a sensual massage or feed me in a sensual way?

  11. Would you rather make out all night but not have sex or have sex but not be allowed to make out?

  12. Would you rather do anal play or oral play?

  13. Would you rather have me send you nudes in the morning or at night?

  14. Would you rather only have sex in the morning or only have sex at night?

  15. Would you rather spank or restrain your partner during sex?

  16. Would you rather watch lesbian porn or straight porn?

  17. Would you rather eat your partner’s ass or have your ass eaten by your partner?

  18. Would you rather have sex with a submissive partner or a dominant partner?

  19. Would you rather watch people have sex or have others watch you have sex?

  20. Would you rather watch your partner touch themselves or give them a hand?

  21. Would you rather give a golden shower or receive one?

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  1. Definitely give, I could do it all day long
  2. Always swallow
  3. I love receiving a golden shower
  4. Blindfold play, love doing it
  5. Tease him all day
  6. New sex toy and he’ll watch me
  7. In the car
  8. Oral, I love giving it
  9. Erotic, I do it regularly
  10. Definitely sex with him
  11. Lick every inch of him, it drives him crazy
  12. Try something new
  13. Handcuff him and tease him
  14. Definitely make one, love making videos
  15. Neither
  16. Neither
  17. Neither
  18. Choking, such a turn on
  19. Sensual massage, working my way down
  20. Sex all the way
  21. Definitely oral play
  22. In the morning, get him going at work
  23. Prefer at night, so we can play better
  24. I restrain him
  25. Neither
  26. I love being rimmed
  27. Dominant, I love being dominated by him
  28. Neither
  29. I’d give him a hand, he loves it
  30. Definitely receiving

WYR slapper paddle or crop


Wyr oral or toys

Toys, to be specific anal toys really enjoy having a nice dildo or big buttplug in my ass.

Wyr anal of vaginal

Anal receiving
Wyr rim job or blow job