3 boobs

I'm guessing most of you have seen the picture of the girl who supposedly has had a 3rd boob surgically placed inbetween her enhanced boobs. I for one don't see it as a big issue. It's no different from those who have ridiculous sized implants. Infact I would love to have a play and actually find it quite arousing.
Anyone have any fantasy thoughts on other things they would like to see/play with?

Not fantasised about any added extra's! Just a regular person would do me, but if they had an extra something from birth, I wouldn't be too put off.

I'm not a fan of fake boobs, prefer real, even if they are a 28A

It's fake.

I personally think it is great. I don't like the fact that she said she did it due to being done with dating and sex but to each their own.

I'm sceptical

I think she needs to see a physiologist and the dr who performed the surgery needs to have his medical licence removed.

It looks horrid.

It's a little too strange for me

MrsMcX wrote:

It's fake.

Yes, Snopes have already busted the story. It's a prosthesis, one she in fact had stolen from her last year!

People will believe anything, if the back story is 'compelling' or 'relateable'.

Wasn't a question of fact or fiction. Question was what fantasy add ons we would find a turn on?

Oh thank lord it's fake.... I mean the whole story ... Not just the third boob

I guess that should a significant number of people follow in her footsteps, lingerie manufacturers would happily sell them lots of three-boobs-friendly bras and chemises.

Otherwise, I am quite sceptical, it doesn't look particularly comfy (with "normal" boobs, their "mass" sort of "moves upwards and outwards", to each side of your ribcage should you lie down and/or squeeze your boobs with your hands - the middle one, though, would still be "there"), it's useless when it comes to breastfeeding, and your average man (or woman, each to their own) only has two hands too, after all.

I guess it's a fairly rare wish to actually get (that is, not just fantasize about it) a third boob. If it makes the girl happy (though I sort of suspect she is actually just after a bit of publicity), it's her choice, yet I think that it is not going to become a mainstream fad, it looks similar to some fairly unusual stuff of the "man with a forked tongue" and "woman with horns" variety, I think.

I saw a woman with 3 boobs once. Pretty sure they were real, if I total recall.

I don't have any fantasies about extra add-on's, but if my partner had one, I would probably love it all the more because it was his.

I remember watching a tv show where a dwarf lady explained that men approach her for sex simply because of her disability. They turn her disability into a sexual fetish. Obviously that is soul destroying for the people who not only suffer a disability, but now have to cope with people fetishising them for it and not seeing them as the person they are. So I guess this stuck in my mind and now it gets my back up when people fetishise things like disability or transgender people etc.

Sum Sub wrote:

I saw a woman with 3 boobs once. Pretty sure they were real, if I total recall.

![](upload://ceipqBTR0sMGMajGRWRbxCi6nYV.gif) I'm crying, crying with laughter..............

Hmmm I'm on the fence with this one, I read that she was turned down by around 60 surgeons who refused to carry out the operation before she found one who would. There's a television show starting next week which will feature a 3 breasted woman but it has been done through CGI. I keep thinking this girl has done this for attention, as she claimed she wanted fame...and she sure is getting some now. I feel she's went to serious extremes for fame & although it's anyone's decision to do what they want with their body, I find this bizzarre! I cannot stop looking at the photos, I'd love to have a reasonable size pair nevermind an extra one.

No fantasies with an odd number of boobies..at all.

Personally I think the images are photo shopped (knowing just how much can be done with editing applications).

The OH just said it reminds him of Total Recal (showing his age a bit I know), but for me no fantasies about fake anything, plus the OH loves my boobies even if they are small! lol

Well at some point you could go for funny shaped bits and Bob's generally ....


So what sort of shape would you like?!! :-)

According to the reporting on yahoo the woman doesn't want to date did the third boob thing to make herself repulsive to men and has a low sense of self worth

It's strongly believed to be fake given evidence found by Snopes.

I only say strongly believed because they can't actually get hold of her to prove it, but there's various evidence and history of her trying to do things to get viral etc.