Boob implants

If you had the money would you get a boob job? If so, why; are yours really that bad? Mr.Naughty has a great fondness for boobs, but not necessarily big ones; but he definitely finds silicone enhanced ones a turn off. By losing their naturalness they lose their allure, it's like trying to convince yourself that a bloke in a syrup looks attractive. Even if you accept the concept that someone with less than an A cup will gain confidence with a bigger bust, why do so many women go bloody stupid and opt for a GG or something, when a B or C would look natural. Not all men are of the opinion that bigger is better, and some of these womwn are turning themselves into freaks that look ridiculous rather than attractive. Anyway, Mr.N has had his rant - over to you.

Lol- actually, most people only go up one or two cup sizes. It's just you hear about the ones that go up seventeen!

I wouldn't have one, because I'm a nice D cup, and the bloke loves them (plus I have no complaints!) but I can see the allure if you're flat. everywhere seems to push the woman with boobs are sexy thing, so I can see the appeal in a job if they're to boost your confidence, and something you really want, NOT something you've got because the man/ woman in your life likes big boobs. I dislike the OTT unnaturally big ones, but if they're a normal size they'd be fine.

Must admit though, I'd be worried if mine were solid...

I would never consider it, unless I had a masectomy or something (and heck I think I would go smaller than my DDs!).

I do agree with you Mr Naughty that HUGE unnatural ones look absolutely gross, Mr PA loves big breasts but he likes them soft and natural too.

my mrs has fairly small boobs but my opinion is that they are the best looking boobs in the world and i wouldn't change them for the world as they are 2 good handfuls but she does have confidence problems about them and is always going on about having a boob job but shes doesn't believe me when i say i like them the way they are and calls me a liar even when im not :(

I had a boob job two years ago, I was a small A before and now I'm about a C which obviously isn't a massive increase but it has been enough to boost my confidence and stop me longing for something I felt I should have already had!

I breastfed about a year after getting them done so they look and feel very natural. My Mr wasn't keen on me getting them done, he just thought fake tits were exactly that, fake tits! But he loves them, he didn't realise he was so into boobs until I got some :-P

I think the whole obsession with fake boobs comes down to the media, yet again. (We're evil, I tells ya).

You hear all these girls wanting to get implants and WANTING them to look fake, wanting the big porn-star, lads' mag look - and subconsciously, it HAS to be because that's what they think men like, right?

Am I being totally unfeminist by suggesting that? Maybe I am, but I totally believe that media like porn and lads' mags have a huge effect on what some women think about their bodies, and what they think men find attractive.

What they're missing out on is that any man with half a brain/any man worth being with realises that the women in the lads' mags do not exist - they literally do not exist. What's pictured there is an airbrushed, photoshopped, pared-down version of a real woman; and what's in porn is a silicone-filled, plumped-up version of a real woman.

Case in point:

Check out the shadows!

I'm very ranty this morning. I'll stop and talk about my own boobs instead. They're a generous DD, and while I think they're not the perkiest pair, guys seem to love them. I wouldn't change them for the world, they're my favourite body part and when I told my ex I was going on a diet, he refused to let me on the basis that he didn't want me to lose my boobs :)

I'm lucky that I have big breasts naturally, but even if I didn't, I don't think I'd opt for surgery. There's much more satisfaction to be gained from loving your body the way it is. Also, it's cheaper. And you get to eat more.

Back to the boobs though - I'll take mine au nataurel any day thank you very much. I simply HATE American porn with all the faked up, spray tanned, crazy hairstyle, silicone stuffed, botox filled, surgically altered bodies. That just AINT sexy. Girl next door, unmolested, natural looking on the other hand - WoW. That's why I enjoy looking at sites like

Natural = classy.

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I would never get a boob job. I hate getting a jab at the doctors never mind them going near my boobs with needles and knives. I love my body and my boobs too much to put them through all that!

Me neither. I'm small breasted but hopefully due to this they won't go saggy so quickly. And I have very sensitive nipples and would just hate to wake up and find that damaged by surgery. I really can't see how the really enormous implants are supposed to look sexy? To me they just look painful - the skin is stretched so tightly you can actually see the edge of the implant sometimes.

I got some of that 'grow your boobz!!!' cream in a suprise pack suposedly worth £80 on offer for £19, but by the looks of the contents worth maybe £30 when they were top of the range which the stuff included was certainly not (not on here- before I'd found this place). I was pissed that they thought that was the best thing to include, so I havn't tried it. Think it's in a box under my bed. May have to experiment (If I get from D to DD I'll let you know lol)