Hi all

I'm looking for some lingerie/clothing that gives a bit of support for larger breasted ladies.

Im looking to purcase someting as a surprise for my OH for when he gets back from a stag weekend on Sunday.

I'm quite self concious how I look in lingerie and being larger chested a little bit of under breast support would make me feel better about how I look.

I ususally purchase my everyday lingerie from either Bravissimo or Pepperberry (mods, feel free to blank these names if I'm not allowed to post these!).

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could get? I'm a size 10-12 if that helps!

Thanks in advance.

i could do the same advice iam a 42 g

I'm a 36G/GG and sadly I haven't found anything on Lovehoney that accomodates me well :( I have asked on the pander thread quite a few times too but haven't had a response. They did recently stock a Bluebella bra that went up to larger cup sizes, but unfortunately it fits really badly!

My only advice really is to avoid the lingerie with cups or underwiring, as even in the biggest size possible it likely won't fit. I have something very similar to this, and although it's tight accross my chest, it looks really flattering:


Hi, I'm similar to boogaloo, 38G, and I can't really get decent bras from anywhere except debenhams, and they don't exactly exude sexiness lol, however, I do have this...
I couldn't wear it out of the bedroom, but it looks nice and holds my boobs up ok.
Are you looking for an everyday bra or something for the bedroom?

Thanks Boogaloo and Char99.

I'm edging towards Char's suggestion, as I'm looking for something for the bedroom and that looks perfect. Due to my job, I need full support during the day!

To be honest its probably not going to be on me very long! - its more so it looks good for when hubby walks in.

I got caught up this week so didnt get to ordering in time for him coming back from the stag weekend, but I'll surprise him with it another weekend!

I had wondered whether something latex would offer a bit more support, but not sure on that one.

Thanks for your help - its very much appreciated.