A conversion chart needed

LH needs to add some type of male conversion chart. Tons of discussions about men wearing female knickers, lingerie, or bras but sizing info is a complete guess. Does a size 16 fit a 42" chest? No clue. How does one measure cup size if a bra is of interest? I know now but had to do a bunch of Google to figure it out. Males don’t have hips and generally have higher waists. I ran across a great online conversion chart years ago and think it would be a great addition to your blog. Wish I had bookmarked it.


Great idea and even high street lingerie stores should also display this chart to further break down this ridiculous attitude part of society seems to have to what is after all just clothing.


You can find these conversions if you Google them.

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I agree with the points made but I feel if Lovehoney put outfits saying size 16-18 and then men’s large or 42inch waist it could confuse

Secondly- women’s lingerie is made for the female shape - narrow shoulders a bust and waist and hips that are totally different to men

I feel if they say men’s size 42 inch it may fit some aspects but not others and therefore I feel to o keep it woman’s sizes

Finally - if you are a man - get to know your size in women’s lingerie- I know my husbands sizes in both men’s and women’s clothing


All very good points but I do think it would be helpful to at least have a reference point should one be looking at clothing not intended for their gender without having to leave the site one is shopping on.


I’ve put a conversion chart in the ‘Images to share in topics’ thread.


Good on you but this chart is based on so-called hour glass figures. If you want to cater to all you need a sizing chart based on each measurement. One chart for breasts, one for waist, one for hips, even one for height. Anyone interested can piece it together.


I totally agree.

According to the attached chart, I need to buy Size 16 to fit my 34” waist when, in reality, a UK Size 12 is my go-to size and items in this size fit perfectly.

Any Size 16 knickers I wore would soon be heading South if I ever wore them! :face_with_spiral_eyes::scream:

Sorry. I did my best.


You always do your best!

You are so kind and considerate of others and your posts are very much appreciated!

Not knocking you at all rockstar. My original comment was simply a suggestion to LH given how many on the forum seem to like wearinging non-gender or opposing specific clothing. The charts and conversions are out there on the Interwebs. I just think it would be helpful to have that info on the same site. Not many guys know how to size a bra for example if that is what they are into.