A little personal

Hi there everyone,

This is a bit personal really but I am having some problems in the lady department.

Despite trying with different toys, I cannot get more than five inches in me - my partner is finding this quite frustrating and so am I. Different widths are absolutely fine, it's length causing the problems!

Does anyone have any tips for how to be able to take things deeper, forcing it is just incredibly painful :(

Hey there,

Please don't try to force it! You can cause damage to yourself.

If something is inserted to five inches, do you then feel like it's hitting something if you try to go any further?

Is there any bleeding? Even if not a trip to the doctors may be your best bet. Especially of this is abnormal for you, had you previously accommodated more length?

Ok thank you google for this fact:

The average vagina is 3-4 inches long, but fear not if your guy is hung like a horse. The vagina can expand by 200 percent when sexually aroused, kind of like a balloon. Remember, the vagina was made to birth babies, so it's exceedingly elastic

So here is my question to you... are you properly aroused, do you have a mental block?

The average depth of a woman's vagina is 3-4 inches when not aroused, when sufficiently aroused it will elongate to make more space. However, every woman is different and some will be shallower/deeper than others. I really wouldn't force it (and your partner shouldn't either), because as Nat said you will hurt yourself. All I can suggest is to make sure you're completely aroused and taking it slow, but even then, stop if you feel like you're hitting your cervix.

Boo you and I think alike here! Agreed you will know when you hit your cervix!

Hehe I think you beat me to it Vanessa 😉

This needs checking out by your Doc or gyno. It could be a swollen cirvex . Both Boo and Venessa are probably right but best to be sure.

It is personal but how experienced sexualy are you ?

Please get checked at the doctors. I know it's not pleasant but please do it.

Hi well good answers are here and yes get checked out by doctor and don't force it in you. I would suggest using lube extra love and try foreplay for a bit to get you aroused and then try again when you very very aroused. Also you could try sex dildo or long sex toy. I would also say every woman is different so its hard to say. I hope you find this useful?

Is this the same across the menstrual cycle? Your cervix sits lower at certain times in the cycle so if it isn't constant, it could be that. Is this a new thing? Is it the same in every position?

I was hoping that it was normal to only be able to take five inches length. I am the same as "EleanorGoneWild" although in my case i think it is a result of the menopause as my vagina used to have more depth

I can take five to seven/eight depending on where my cervix is sitting. Anything more is painful. It honestly depends on the person though Aphrodite2011. If you think menopause has something to do with it, lube might help with that. Menopause can cause dryness :)

Hello, if this is a new problem and you are using lubrication and is happening all throughout your cycle then I would definitely go to your doctor.
Some women can get rectoceles which can cause a bulge in the vaginal wall which can prevent penetration and are quite common in women of menopausal age. They aren't dangerous so don't panic if that is the cause.

Thank you all for such amazing advice! You guys are really helpful - I don't particualrly think it is a mental block, but then again it might be subconcious and I just don't realise it. I have no problem 'getting in the mood,' so to speak. Hmmmm, will have to see if that's the issue though.

Thanks again everyone :)