Adios amigos, stay classy.

Well folks, it looks like I'll be taking my leave from the lovehoney forum. I'm starting a new job in the US shortly so I'll have less time to stop by.

I'd just like to say thanks to all the people I've interacted with over the last year and a half especially Scorpius, David and gentle giant to name just a few. Thanks for the laughs, it's been my pleasure. You stay classy lovehoney xx

Good luck in your new job Ron, I'll miss your humour! Pop by when you can, don't be a stranger :-)

Good Luck Ron x

Good Luck!! :) xx

I for one will miss your witty comments in the forums but I wish you the best of luck with your new job x

Congratulations on your new job Ron.

I'll miss your humour and good nature!

I really hope that you'll be be able to pop back in for a chat & coffee LOL :) xx

Thanks guys, I'll try to drop in when things settle down

Congratulations on the new job - hope it all goes well!

You will be missed, but if you do get a chance to pop back now and again, please do!

All the best! :-) *man hug*

Good luck in your new job xx

Thanks David, I'm hugging you back. Maybe long enough that it might be inappropriate.

Good luck Ron :)

Disappointed not to have made your top 3 forum members though :(

Thanks subby. Not top three, the three Ibcan think of off the top of my head... Now I've insulted everyone.

Good luck in your new job!! :) Xx

Good luck in your new job, well done.

Good luck!

Good luck Ron, will miss your funny comments :)

Good luck with your new job Ron :) xx

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the comments.

Good luck Ron
Sad to see you go xx

Many congratulations on your new job. Your sense of humour (you will soon be writing humor!) will be missed. Good luck and pop back when you can. x