Adult Parties/Events Help

Apologies if this has been covered already. The wife and I have been discussing adult parties and other such events. We are slightly unsure on the etiquette to follow etc. We have both discussed attending a party/event, however we only wish to watch others and not participate or have others watch us. I appreciate the rules are probably different from event to event however I was wondering if there are any LH users out there that frequent these events that could provide us with some information. We are also unsure on how the whole process runs. Do we have to sign any sort of NDA and what sort of costs are there for attending? Are we even allowed to attend and just watch? How would we go about finding an event local to us?

Any advice that you guys can provide to us would be greatly appreciated. TIA


Swingers sites would give you the best recommendations and you’d get lots of opinions whether you want them or not.
You will find that people will arrange a ‘play’ night in a rented house etc. You decide what you’re comfortable doing and stick to your boundaries. Swingers sites/parties are not only for swinging. You can go to an event and just watch or just stay in the social area.

You could also google clubs in your area.

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Swingers by nature are a pretty social bunch, once you get past the timewasters :+1:

Myself and my OH have been looking at Killing Kittens events, you have to pay to be a member but it skips the timewasters and generally looks worth it.


That was good sdvice we have been .looking but we dont think its for us at the mo. Have you ever used them or been to an event

I have used a swingers site but not clubs or parties but have friends who do.


I think we are looking at the same site not sure how it works we see loads of pics but all blured out so we presume you have to join to see what people

Yes of course, though people might still blur bits of themselves.

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Ok thanks hoe are you enjoying this weather

Have you attended any events at all? Just curious as to how it all works etc