Advice , insight or suggestions needed

So after a night of going through the forums and reading together, alot of the topics the OH and myself came across pegging. Myself as a straight male have found a liking to play in this area due to playing games from LH which have broadened my mind. We have already expanded our box to include a few things for me like this and so this was another aspect to explore.

Anyways after talking about it and seeing if it was something the OH would do , she said it wasn’t something that she had really thought about ( again very new to this area of play ) but said if i wanted to try it then she would be open to it if i wanted to try. The one issue we seemed to have was that from my point of view if she was using a strap on on me what does she get out of it apart from the control aspect of it? She isnt sure about being a dom although she is again open to it. So i guess my question is this.

We were looking at the harness with double ended on it so that she also has some pleasure whilst in the act. Her thought though is that it wouldn’t do much for her as it would "just sit there " in her opinion , no real movement for her. Cant link the product im afraid dunno how to. So wondering if anyone here has this product or a similar one and could give advice on how to get her something that can also be pleasurable to her at the same time as me. We also looked at the bullet knickers for clitoral stimulation that she could maby wear underneath as well to give her stimulation (different harness single not the double). Would this work? would it get in the way for her and create pain if getting whacked against her? I get great satisfaction knowing she is also getting something at the same time as me , this is why im wondering if there is anything that could work for us.

Any suggestions or insight into these products would be great , thanks all

Hi @WhatsOurKink

Pegging is something that’s quite new to us.
We have both been using some anal toys, starting off with small anal beads then moving on to butt plugs and prostate massagers.
I wouldn’t suggest taking a whole dildo in the butt until you’ve worked your way up.
So now we are ready for that, I’m looking to get this
I’ve had a good look at all the strapless dildos and I think I will go for this one as some of them seem to be heavy and end up falling out of place.
So she will get the pleasure of having the bulb up her ass and everytime she thrusts into you, she will feel it too.
She can also use a little bullet or slim vibrator on her clit while she is pegging you to give her that extra pleasure.

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Hi @Cupc8kes

Thanks for the reply. So we have already got some toys and i have the rotating P spot stimulator , along with a few other things that we have already been exploring. The P spot one doesnt seem to do anything for me , i dont get any feeling from it apart form the vibe that it has. I actually got more from using her beaded glass dildo.

issue here with the one u linked and place it goes is that she is not into anal play herself. Its something that she is not really keen on at the moment and something we dissuced last night also seeing as we where in that area. Are all the strapless ones the same with where they sit?

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The bulb part of strapless strap ons are actually designed to be worn vaginally, so she doesn’t need to worry about that. Some will work anally but you’ll lose a fair amount of length. The only issue with strapless strap ons is that she will need strong kegel muscles to keep it in. Some harnesses will work with them but again they aren’t designed to so no guarantee. Positions with her on her back will help.

With a strapless strap on she will get stimulation from the bulb (and there are vibrating options) and she may be able to grind on the shaft for some clitoral stimulation (again, better if vibrating).

If you go for a harness and dildo combo, there are quite a few options depending on if she prefers clitoral or vaginal stimulation.

Many harnesses have a bullet pocket or as your suggested there are vibes designed to go in knickers which she could wear underneath.

Love eggs are worn internally in the vagina. I would possibly suggest a remote control version as she can either keep hold of the remote so she can easily adjust the vibration as she likes or you could have control of it.

Jiggle ball style kegel balls will move around inside her as she thrusts. Might not fully bring her to orgasm but would at least be arousing.

A good quality vibrating cock ring on the dildo would spread vibration across her vulva. Using a vibrating dildo should also do the same. There is also the new bumpher which she can grind against (again could couple with a vibrating cock ring).

The We Vibe couple’s toys such as the unity, match, Lovehoney one and chorus can be worn by her and will rest and vibrate on her clit and g spot. They don’t always stay in very well if she is upright, the chorus is the best for staying put but underwear may also help.

Using an orgasm balm or gel with give her clit a tingly feeling and enhance any sensation from any grinding she can do. This could also simply keep her teased and aroused for you to pleasure her after she has finished you off.


I would recommend a strapless strap on held in place by a pair of harness briefs.

We are in our late 60’s and my wife cannot hold the bulb section of a strapless dildo in place for long but a pair of harness briefs, bought one size too small, do a great job of holding them in while the dildo section pokes out of the hole in the front of the briefs. If you want more stimulation you can get Vibrating strapless Dildos.

@Cupc8kes we brought the similar model, but the one with the bullet, so Mrs-Toysrus will get some stimulation from it too, haven’t used it yet…maybe tonight?!?


Thanks all , some great advice and a few things to think about. I have left it to her to actually decide what to get and will show her the comments so far. On this one I’ll let her take the lead with what you she wants :wink:

@WhatsOurKink Mrs-Toysrus originally said that this would do nothing for her so nothing ever happened, and recently I brought up the subject again and we decided on a strapless one with a built in bullet so she gets stimulation too, she will probably use a vibrating butt plug for her too, make it so it works for both of you